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Trigger is Evan Ross' dog. Trigger appears in the Goosebumps book Monster Blood and its subsequent sequels.


Monster Blood

When Evan Ross stays for a few days at his Great Aunt Kathryn's, Trigger travels with him. Trigger tries to attack Kathryn's cat, Sarabeth, after Sarabeth jumps on Evan, and Kathryn makes Trigger stay outside in a pen.

After meeting Andy, Evan finds Monster Blood in a toy store. They play with the Monster Blood outside, and a little falls by Trigger. Trigger eats the Monster Blood and begins to grow in size, causing chaos. Later, after the Monster Blood is defeated, Trigger returns to his normal size.

He returns home with Evan.

Monster Blood II

He first appears in a dream of Evan's, eating more Monster Blood and increasing again in size, only to attack Evan. Later, he follows Evan and Andy to Conan's house and almost blows their cover

Monster Blood III

He only appears at the end of the story with a shrunken Evan climbing over him to ask for help from his father.

Monster Blood IV

He accompanies Evan back to Kermit's house.

General information

Physical appearance

Trigger is a Cocker Spaniel with a brown coat.


Although disobedient, Trigger is incredibly loyal to Evan. He chases away the Beymer twins, who were bullying Evan, and he pursues Sarabeth just as she is about to kill Evan.



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