Tommy Madigan is a minor antagonist in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. He is a kid who constantly bullies Sonny Quinn and Sam Carter.


At the start of the film, he is shown as a bully when he encounters Sonny and Sam at school by spit-balling them. Later, he and his friends encounter the two, in their Junk Bros job. They steal the "Haunted Halloween" manuscript, but when Slappy uses his powers to pull down Tommy's pants, they begin pursuing the boys who retrieve Slappy on their bike. Within their chase, Tommy and his friends are defeated when Slappy uses his powers to summon a hose that knocks them off their bikes. The next time we see them is while toilet papering Principal Harrison's house where they get kidnapped by the Ghostly Witches. Later on, Tommy finally reformed in the end and became best friends with Sonny and Sam.

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