Todd Morris is a character in the fifth Give Yourself Goosebumps book, Night in Werewolf Woods.


The reader's parents are friends with Mr. and Mrs. Morris, so the reader is expected to be friends with their son, Todd Morris. When the reader vacations in WoodsWorld, a cabin community in the woods, they are supposed to be friendly to Todd. This proves to be difficult, as Todd is incredibly geeky.

At WoodsWorld, the Murphy brothers — a group of bullies — steal Todd's beloved box of figurines. The story centers around trying to get the box back. The reader goes to a kids-only campfire, and one of the Murphy brothers tells the legends of the werewolves of Woodsworld. Legend has it, the wolves will leave at dawn, so the reader must find Todd's box before that. The story changes drastically based on choices that come after this.

There are no endings where Todd explicitly dies. However, some of the endings leave Todd's fate ambiguous, like when he falls into a bottomless pit. There are numerous endings where Todd is transformed into something inhuman, such as a fish, a troll, or a werewolf. Despite this, there are some endings where Todd is fine.

General information


Throughout most of the storylines, Todd is geeky and awkward, but also trusting and innocent. There are a few endings where this isn't the case, but those are mostly exceptions.

Physical appearance

Todd is described as "gawky" and having stringy hair. He also wears thick black-rimmed glasses.


  • Todd's catchphrase is, "Hey! Hey! What do you say?" He delivers some variation of this line four times throughout the book.
    • It's not exactly clear why Todd repeats this phrase. It may be an allusion; perhaps, it is in reference to the refrain of the poem "Sceptics".
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