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Timberland Falls is a town featured in the eighth book in the Goosebumps series, The Girl Who Cried Monster, and its accompanying television adaptation.


Towards the beginning of The Girl Who Cried Monster, Lucy Dark explains that the town's name is somewhat of a mystery; in Timberland Falls, there are no waterfalls, and the nearby forests are not being used for their timber. It is never specified exactly how many residents live in Timberland Falls, but Lucy describes the town as medium-sized.

An important piece of town history for Timberland Falls regards the development of the town library. The library used to be a house owned by an "eccentric old hermit" who died and donated the house to the town. Local kids speculate that the house is haunted, but Lucy expresses doubt towards these claims, suggesting that kids tend to make up stories about ominous buildings.

One of the last pieces of information that is revealed about Timberland Falls comes after the book's twist ending; Lucy Dark and her family members are all monsters. It's stated that Mr. Mortman is the first monster to come to town in nearly twenty years, hinting that the Dark family has lived in Timberland Falls for at least that long. Mr. Dark and Mrs. Dark explain that they can't let any more monsters into town, as having too many monsters in town would inevitably draw suspicion from the town's human residents.

The Goosebumps Official Collector's Caps Book says that the Dark family was originally from Romania, but they moved to the United States to get away from other monsters. Reportedly, they chose Timberland Falls because it had no monsters and the neighbors weren't nosy.


The town's named residents include:


Location Reference image
The Darks' house
In The Girl Who Cried Monster, Lucy says that her family lives in a redbrick house.
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Timberland Falls - The Darks' house.jpg
The Killeens' house
The Killeens are the Dark's neighbors. They live in a gray-shingle house.

While several houses can be seen neighboring the Darks' home in the episode, the Killeens' home is never pointed out.

Aaron's house
Though vaguely described, Lucy visits the house of Aaron, her friend.

Only small portions of the inside of Aaron's house are shown in the episode.

Inside view of Aaron's house

Mr. Mortman's house
Seen in the book but not the episode, Mr. Mortman owns a house that is said to be on the north side of town.
The town library, which used to be a house, sits between many trees and is three stories tall, with high set windows. It is described as dark, inside and out. It has a pointy roof and two stone turrets. The flooring on the inside of the building is made up of thin carpeting atop old floorboards.
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Timberland Falls - Library.jpg
Lucy begs her parents to take her to the mall to get her photographs developed at one of the stores there. Initially, Mr. Dark refuses. However, the Darks end up eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the mall, so Lucy gets an opportunity to develop her photographs.

In the episode, the mall does not appear. Instead, Lucy goes directly to a photograph development store.

Timberland Photo Depot
The Timberland Photo Depot appears as a stand-alone building in the television episode, effectively replacing the mall from the book.
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Timberland Falls - Photo Depot.jpg


  • For the television adaptation of The Girl Who Cried Monster, Toronto, Canada was used to depict Timberland Falls.