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Tim Swanson is the protagonist of the forty-first Goosebumps book Bad Hare Day, as well as its television adaptation. He is a budding magician and is into magic tricks. He has a ten-year-old younger sister named Ginny.


Tim is a boy who dreams of being a great magician just like his idol, Amaz-O. He performs tricks for his classmates after school, but he wants to spice up his act. When he gets two free tickets to go to a late night performance at a local nightclub, he is overjoyed. He sneaks out of his house, dragging sister Ginny along. When they make it to the show, Tim is chosen as Amaz-O's volunteer in the disappearing act. He is placed in a large cabinet that drops him through a trap door on the stage.

When he lands in the basement, Tim wanders the corridors and comes across Amaz-O's dressing room. Tim hopes Amaz-O will reveal some of his secrets, but instead the magician snaps at him, and tells him to get lost. Tim is hurt and decides to steal Amaz-O's box of tricks as payback. However, when he opens the box and tests out some of the tricks, things go awry. His sister Ginny winds up being transformed into a rabbit, leading him to realize the only person who can help is Amaz-O.

Tim heads back to the nightclub, and is shocked to discover his idol is actually trapped in the form of a rabbit. Amaz-O says the magic that afflicts his sister will wear off by itself. Amaz-O's rude behavior continues until Tim calls him out on it. Amaz-O apologizes, saying that being a rabbit gets on his nerves; he then offers Tim a chance to be in his show. Tim accepts, and is transformed into Amaz-O's new rabbit assistant.

General information


Tim is driven by a want to be a magician. He feels unappreciated by his friends and family, but doesn't let that deter him from his goal. He is deeply hurt when his idol ends up being rude, and is quick to get payback. Despite Amaz-O yelling at him, Tim readily accepts the magician's offer to be his new volunteer. Tim doesn't seem bothered to be a rabbit, as he feels he at least got his wish of making it to the stage.

Physical appearance

Tim is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with curly light-brown hair, hazel eyes and a nose that is long and curved up at the end.



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