Tick Tock, You're Dead! is the second book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1995.

The cover illustration consists of a mean looking face in a clock and someone hanging off one of the clock hands.


Get Trapped... in Time!

B-O-R-I-N-G. That's how you'd describe your family vacation in New York City. Instead of visiting all the cool spots, like Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty, your parents drag you to a bunch of stupid museums.

Then, at the Museum of Natural History, something really strange happens. You accidentally get involved in a strange experiment that sends you traveling through time!

Will you duel with knights at a medieval castle? Come face-to-face with man-eating dinosaurs? Or take a ride through outer space? The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super spooky endings!


You are vacationing in New York City with your parents and your brother, Denny. You could care less about visiting the Museum of Natural History. Especially with your little brat of a red head younger brother running around and wreaking havoc! When Denny runs into a private workshop department, the scientist there tells you that he has invented a time machine, and tells you that you can be the first person ever to travel through time! However, Denny runs inside, and gets lost in an unknown time period. You can go to prehistoric times, where vicious dinosaurs roamed, or the medieval times, battling wizards, dragons, and knights, or the future, where evil robots control humans. One thing is for sure, you will have to find Denny in two hours, or he will cease to exist!

Story A

You look for Denny in the past and have to survive prehistoric or medieval environments. There is only one way to get a good ending to this storyline, and it is also possible to move to Story B.

Story B

You look for Denny in the future, ending up in a distant world where humans are ruled over by evil robots that you need to escape in order to survive.

Side Story C

From story B, you travel only one day into the future and learn that tomorrow, your whole family will be killed by an out of control truck. You now have to alter time to prevent this from happening.

List of endings

There are twenty-three bad endings, one ambiguous ending, and three good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

Returned to the present with two Dennys.

  • 71-16-54-31-40-122

About to get hit a by a truck after you and your future self are fighting Denny.

  • 71-16-54-31-86

Forced to leave Denny behind, after causing a wretched fish smell, while saving your family from being hit by a truck.

  • 71-16-54-34-124-26-67

Steer a truck away from hitting your family, but it was implied that you drove straight into a brick wall.

  • 71-16-54-34-124-26-13

The rebels decide to use you as bait to lure the robots. It turns out that they were taught to have no compassion.

  • 71-16-101-9-68-56-37

Teaching a class full of robots at a college.

  • 71-16-101-9-68-56-111-29-118

Stuck with a bomb in the power room and it goes off.

  • 71-16-101-9-68-56-111-29-128-42

Trapped in an airless air duct, until you die from asphyxiation.

  • 71-16-101-9-68-56-111-79

After answering a question about quallicorks and adjubibbles wrong, it's implied that you were "frammilized" (put in a metal box and disappear).

  • 71-16-101-9-68-59

The chronometer disintegrates, when the robot teacher is asking you a very difficult question. You're now going to be frammilized.

  • 71-16-101-9-68-127

You're searching for Denny inside a space station and get caught by robots. They know you're lying to them about why you're there, so they throw you out - which causes your body to explode as you leave the pressurized airlock.

  • 71-16-101-9-133-28-74-25

Spend years watching a video clip of George Washington crossing the Delaware River.

  • 71-16-101-9-133-28-74-120-125

A huge flower plant wraps a vine around you. You can't make any noise, and Denny can't see you because to him you look like part of the plant.  

  • 71-16-101-9-133-28-80-123

Stuck in the 'Couch Potato' exhibit of a robot zoo.

  • 71-16-101-55

You watch a dinosaur egg hatch, hoping to see a dinosaur. Instead, a prehistoric chicken hatches out of the egg.

  • 71-44-11-100-130

You and Denny get stuck and sink in quicksand. It's implied that you die.

  • 71-44-11-126

The knight throws you into a crocodile-infested moat.

  • 71-44-93-22-30

Stuck taunting a dragon forever, so he won't eat you.

  • 71-44-93-22-116-51-117

About to be eaten by Wizard, the giant lizard.

  • 71-44-93-22-116-76-57-19

After answering a Goosebumps question wrong, you get stuck in the Corridors of Time with Denny, who is now an old man.

  • 71-44-93-22-116-76-57-113-60

Stuck in a giant spider web, with a giant spider gazing at you.

  • 71-44-93-22-116-76-57-113-82-92

Return to the present, but leave behind Denny as a prince in the medieval times. This is presented as a bad ending because you failed to retrieve Denny, and your parents will be very angry and presumably ground you. (However, by this stage, the reader may be glad to be rid of him.)

  • 71-44-93-22-116-76-83-85

You jump into a moat to avoid a knight, but there are crocodiles in the moat. It's implied that you were eaten by one of the crocodiles.

  • 71-44-93-108

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

You and Denny escape from a robot in a space station and travel back to the present. As soon as you get back, Denny begins complaining. You question whether or not rescuing him was worth the trouble.

  • 71-16-101-9-133-28-74-120-99

Good endings

Ending Paths

You and Denny save your family from being hit by a truck and you trick Denny into coming back to the present with you.

  • 71-16-54-31-40-134

You save your family from being hit by a truck and save 2,000 mice. If you want to get this ending, you cannot wear green.

  • 71-16-54-34-20-63

You and Denny get transported to a strange land, where the inhabitants make you their king. You get revenge on Denny, by making him your slave.

  • 71-44-93-22-116-76-83-52-121

International releases




  • Since this book was first published in 1995, it mentions the original World Trade Center, which was destroyed during the September 11 attacks in 2001. All mentions of the original World Trade Center were altered in the digital rerelease of the book.
    • The World Trade Center was mentioned on the first page of the book, but the digital release mentions the Empire State Building instead.
    • The original World Trade Center is referenced again on page sixteen, but the digital rerelease chooses to reference One World Trade Center instead.
  • If the reader's main choice is to search for Denny in the past, only one choice leads to a good ending, but only on dates that are even like October 26. The reader can only reach a good ending on an odd date by choosing to go to the future. One of the bad endings achieved by going to the past advises the reader to try searching in the future next time.
  • The title of this book may be a reference to a tagline for the 1986 horror movie House: "Ding Dong, You're Dead".

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