• Hello. No, I'm not here to talk about The Haunting Hour. I just had to give this thread a cool title because it's actually a very boring one. It's about avatars.

    As you've already established, everyone loves your art style. You didn't mind me stealing it at first, so using your art style for my avatars has become the norm now. However, I've faced a problem recently. I can't think of any characters that would turn out well in your style. Seriously. I even tried to use some of The Haunting Hour characters, but the program crashed and I was left with an unfinished first draft that I used as my avatar for 12 seconds.

    Would you mind suggesting a few characters that suit the style? Don't suggest anything you'd like to create in the future.

    I feel like my only good avatar so far is the orange Bim, mainly because it lacks a lot of detail. I also put some heart into it because you announced your retirement back then (you don't seem as retired as I imagined.) Anyway, I digress.

    TL;DR: I'm in desperate need for avatar ideas.

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    • It's kinda funny. My avatars reflect a style I rarely use outside of my avatars. It was my main "style" back when I first started making avatars, as it was the only "style" I could do.

      >Would you mind suggesting a few characters that suit the style?

      You could try creating a different style. My only character suggestion might be a Gargoyle. Or you could pick a monster that's never been depicted in a piece of media.

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    • Here's a few of my suggestions: (sorry for budding in)

      -Mr. Wood

      -A Mud Monster

      -A Horror

      -A Creep

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    • > My avatars reflect a style I rarely use outside of my avatars.

      Same here. The random fan art section on my userpage looks nothing like my usual art.

      > You could try creating a different style.

      I still hadn't had enough of your style, so that's a no.

      > Gargoyle

      *Facepalm* Why didn't i think of that?? It's perfect!! Thank you.

      > Mr. Wood

      Stine has been bombarding us with these dummy stories to an extent where I started to hate them. So no. I'm sick of Slappy and every other dummy in the series.

      > Mud Monster

      Maybe next month. The Gargoyle is too good to resist.

      > Horror

      Nope. So much nope. I tried once... you don't wanna see how that turned out.

      > Creep

      Their snouts are too long.

      Thank you both for your suggestions. (I honestly didn't expect a response.)

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    • This is unrelated, but (An)Drew brought this to my attention once he edited the VHS page:

      Screenshot 20200629-122217 Chrome


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    • A vandal moved the page. I had to move it back.

      I've now locked many of the pages so they can only be moved by mods.

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    • Done with the Gargoyle, but I still can't get your simple designs right. I gotta put as much detail as possible for some reason.

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