• Hello. You know (and everyone does, too) that I have this weird obsession with editing character pages. I'm always about improving them. I noticed recently that

    a) Some character pages have a superfluous amount of photos in the gallery section

    b) These photos have watermarks and use the wrong aspect ratio.

    A few somethings ago, you mentioned fixing all the galleries of the episode pages. You still planning on doing that? Because if you aren't, I can start working on fixing character galleries. If you're still planning to do it, then I'll wait until you do and add the pictures then (to avoid duplicates).

    Thank you and STAY SAFE!!!

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    • I'm the same way with character pages. And yes, I am still planning on doing that, but I just don't know when. One question: by fixing the galleries, do you mean removing unnecessary pictures that aren't all too important to the episode? Cuz if so, that'd be great! That would make my job so much easier. The reason I've sort of held off on the project is because of how long it'll take and I'm trying to find a time where I'm not so busy. The project will probably take around a month. And hey, maybe I can finally use my sandbox page for once. And also, when GbA says, "If you do it, you will go down in history as an absolute madlad," you know I gotta do it. Best of luck to you as well.

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    • By fixing them, I meant both removing all the unnecessary images and using better quality screenshots with the proper aspect ratio. I think it was the Grool's page that irked me the most. You have like 50 screenshots of the Grool from every angle. I think I'll start getting rid of the excess images soon. Good luck.

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    • Yeah, that's way too many. Don't even get me started on this page.

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    • 💀💀💀

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