• So, of the character pages you want to be made, I think most are pretty doable and I do want them to be made at some point. However,a few don't quite have enough materiel to work with, so I'll list them, just so you know:

    HorrorLand MC: I think the Horrors page covers the horrors fairly well, maybe a bit more info on her on that page might be enough.

    Wolf Boy and Wolf Girl: Not quite enough to go off , but I kinda want to make a page for Shock Street, the universe franchise itself, and have a section here to list all the Shock Street monsters.

    Fleg: The Beasts page covers them well enough.

    Grolff the Spatter: Already covered in Splatters

    Fitz's Hamsters: Not enough to them, but Mr. Fitz i think has enough to have one at least.

    Bella the Cat: Not quite enough, although I'm more flexible on this one.

    Zombie Students of Romero Academy: The reason I listed them under that was because no single stands out as a the full villain, jsut some that are slightly more important than others, so a page isn't qutie possible., However, while Franny is not a villain, she is a student and has enough to her, so she's already on my to do list. I might also wanna do a page for Romero Academy itself.

    Vulture's Claw: Not enough, it's just a claw, really. I did a page for someone from this book though, so close enough?

    Puppet People: The puppets don';t actually do a lot, but the real villain does have a page so hopefully that is close enough.

    Lizard of Oz: Not enough, not the real villain so it doesn't do too much, really. I do plan to make one for the protagonist though.

    Francine: Not quite enough, I'm a bit flexible. The real villain may deserve a page but her being a villain is a spoiler so that may have to wait.

    The rest are either easily do-able, or I'm not totally sure on. Although if someone were to make some of these, I wouldn't mind it, especially if they proved me wrong lol, anyone can make whatever page they want. But yeah, just letting you know so you don't get your hopes us too much about some of them.

    Oh and the ones you had above the proper section, Mirror Crabs might be possible, and I feel that at least Mike be worth it,a nd I'm surprised Black Ring doesn't have one already tbh. Hat, not totally sure but maybe and Becka has a page already, it's called The Haunted Car due to the movie calling it that, I assume. I put info relating to her there to make up for it at least.

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    • I get where your coming from. I mainly listed those just because there were pictures of them. Also, this might be a little too late, but do you think I should add a section to each gallery on the TV episode pages showing off all the characters from said episode? I'm kind of surprised that hasn't been done yet.

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    • Hmm, not sure, don't think there's really a reason to do that, their picture being those character's pages should be good enough ino.

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    • Most episodes have at most 3 characters that have pages. Most characters don't. Yes, the characters that do have pages will have their picture used, but the other ones don't have pictures. Think of it as sort of a Cast part but instead of their real life appearance, it's their character. The character's name would be under their picture. The gallery would also be split up between Characters and Scenes so it won't cause confusion.

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    • Eh, I don't quite the reason for having basically just a mini gallery to show off all the characters. You should ask GoosebumpsArt about this, I feel he'd know if this is a good idea or not.

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