• R.L. Stine guest stars as Robert Baxter (Buster's uncle) in the latest episode of PBS's Arthur. The episode is called "Fright Night".

    Robert Baxter - R.L. Stine on Arthur

    In a way, Stine and Arthur go way back. In 1996, the Arthur episode "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club" came out in defense of scary children's books. At the time, Goosebumps was controversial; some parents believed the series was too frightening and dark for young readers, arguing that the series shouldn't be available in school libraries.

    Ultimately, Goosebumps won out. And, evidently, things have come full circle with this new episode. But this isn't the first time Stine has been seen donning rabbit ears...

    Bunny stine
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    • I always knew Stine was secretly an undercover, four-eyed, thick lipped, brown-haired rabbit who wears a blue long-sleeved shirt instead of the black one he never changes!

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