• I was the one who put the endings on the page for "Into the Twister of Terror" years ago. My comment about safe words, was basically me pointing out how the ending could have been avoided. It is not needed in the section, so I don't mind that you took it out, it's actually surprising it stayed on the page for this long.

    In case you were wondering, I was referring to the fact that actors/actresses are usually given safe words if they acting in a scene that could hurt of even kill them if it went wrong, and it's usually a word you wouldn't normally say in a dangerous situation, seeing as "Help!" or "It hurts!" (or even "Stop!" in some cases) could be taken to be simple adlibbing, since you would have been told to do that anyway.

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    • I got the reference and it was pretty funny, just not the kind of thing we allow here lol.

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    • I see, and understood.

      Like I say, I'm surprised it stayed here for as long as it did.  :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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