• Hello. Grammar question:

    Do u say a hallucination or an hallucination? Cuz I'm a wee bit confused after reading Fear Street: Don't Stay up Late, where it is referred to as both a hallucination and an hallucination. So, can both articles be used? Thx:)

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    • So the misconception is that "a" goes before words that begin with a consonant letter and "an" goes before words that begin with a vowel. The reality is "a" goes before words that begin with a consonant *sound* and "an" goes before words with a vowel sound.

      The word hallucination is pronounced in some dialects with a silent H, so it can be said with a consonant or vowel beginning sound. So, to confuse you more, the answer is it depends on who you ask? lol

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    • First of all, how did you recover this? I deleted it a few minutes ago.

      Secondly, I figured it out.

      Finally, thank you.

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    • I didn't know it was deleted? lol I saw it in my notifications and just replied.

      Feel free to ask me grammar questions anytime. I'm a grammar fanatic, and I teach middle school, so I like talking about this stuff.

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    • Thanks. And you should feel free to ask me... general questions(?) anytime.

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    • Haha. Thanks.

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    • > Thanks

      So, are we gonna go through this endless cycle of mutual support where we both go back and forth saying "Thank you"?

      > Thank you

      No problem


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    • A FANDOM user
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