• People have pointed out many recurring themes in Goosbumps and Stine's books in general. One of them is red-heads. These could certainly be a coincidence but red-heads seem to pop up all the time, and not just in Goosebumps, Fear Street may have this even worse. But we're here for Goosebumps, someone else can see how that series fares in totals.

    Recently I was thinking about this trend and wanted to see once and for all how many there are. At first it was to see the balance between good guys, bad guys, and losers who are red-heads but eventually this was just to total them overall and eh, the characters of all hair colors can swap between positive and negative portrayals.

    For this, I'm mostly sticking to named characters, even somewhat minor ones, provided they are at least important and the scenes they are in. Unnamed ones will only be listed if they are important enough in their scenes, or I felt like it.

    I spent way too long on this, but there's a chance I missed some for any reasons. I wasn't sure if I wanted to counted ones where he only says they have "Coppery" hair cuz sometimes that can count, and some redheads in here are described as "Coppery" later on, but i generally wanted to stick to ones where they are full on described as having red hair. Sometimes Stine gets cheeky though.

    Anyway, here are my findings:

    ORIGINAL 62:

    George Carpenter (Welcome to Dead House)

    Diane (Stay Out of the Basement)

    Evan Ross & Sarabeth

    Micheal (Say cheese and Die/Again)

    "Quasimodo" (Curse of the Mummy's tomb)

    Mr. Wood

    Aaron Messer

    Jay, Dori, and Larry (Welcome to Camp Nightmare)

    Danny Anderson

    Judith Bellwood

    Dr. Frye (Piano Lessons Can Be Murder)

    Cassie O' Rourke


    Girl Gary Lutz hooks up with (Why I'm Afraid of Bees)

    Grandma Miriam (Scarecrow Walks at Midnight)

    Danny Fletcher (Go Eat Worsm)

    Mrs. Walker (Phantom of the Auditorium)

    Libby (Attack of the Mutant)

    Kristina (My Hairiest Adventure)

    The woman who gives Sue away to Lord High Executioner (A Night in Terror Tower)

    Jed Kramer

    Fergie Ferguson


    Linda (A Shocker on Shock Street)

    Marnie (Haunted Mask 2)

    Kyle and Kara (The Abominable Snowman of Pasedena)

    Trina O'Dell

    Jessica Rowe (How I got my Shrunken Head)

    Brandy & Anne (Egg Monsters from Mars)

    Chris (Ghost Camp)

    Marissa Clarke

    Tasha McClain


    Emmy and Annie (Blob that Everyone)

    Liz (The Curse of Camp Cold Lake)

    SERIES 2000:

    This is almost complete, as the only one I am unsure of is Be-Afraid, so hit me up if there is one in there. The rest I either had, could find in certain places, or was informed of through others.

    Mary (Creature Teacher)

    Marsha (Invasion of the Body Squeezers)

    Monty Adams (and Nan, plus his clones. This may have the most if ya wanna be technical)

    Jack Harding (Fright Camp)

    David and the woman whose baby needed to be saved. (Are you Terrified yet?)

    Brandon's Mom (Headless Halloween)

    Lindy Nichols

    Margo Strange (Also, Evan's cameo)

    Sheila (Scream School)

    Megan (The Mummy Walks)

    Aaron Freidus

    Beth Welch

    Allan (The Haunted Car)

    Noah Ward (Return to Ghost Camp)

    Stella (Slappy’s Nightmare)

    Mr. Kray (Earth Geeks Must Go)


    Livy Daniels (Monster blood for breakfast)

    Angela (Scream of the Haunted Mask)

    Red Martinson (Fitting) & Scarlet Starlet (Dr. Maniac Vs Robby Schrwatz)

    Daisy (My Friends Call Me Monster)

    David (Say Cheese and Die Screaming)

    Meg Oliver (Weirdo Halloween/Chiller House)

    Sammy (The Wizard of Ooze)

    The guy who was at the wrong house (Slappy new Year)


    Aaron (Claws)

    Mr. Pinker (Night of the Giant Everything)

    Monica Anderson (Five Masks of Doctor Screem]

    Laura (Birthday Party of No Return)


    Devin O'Bannon

    Jay Gardener

    Froggy (Son of Slappy)

    Richard Dreezer (Dr. Maniac Will You Now) (And apparently Dr. Maniac himself now has red hair in this one? He didn’t before, trust me, I feel like that bit was a typo)

    Alec (Zombie Halloween)

    Shawn (12 Screams of Christmas)

    Freddy (A Nightmare on Clown Street)

    Adele (Lizard of oz)


    Molly (Slappy birthday to you)

    Smitty (Attack of the Jack)

    Luke Harrison

    Karla (Please Do Not feed the weirdo)

    Scarlet (Escape from shudder mansion)

    Annalee (The Ghost of Slappy)

    Chaz (It’s Alive! It’s Alive!)

    Aaron Riggles (The Dummy Meets the Mummy)

    Melody Richmond (Revenge of the Invisible Boy)

    Billy and Maggie McGee (Diary of a Dummy)


    (Currently incomplete)

    Danny Wexler (Click)

    Kevin (Werewolf's First Night)

    Mrs. Parker (I'm Telling!)

    The "aliens" (Aliens in the Garden)

    Liz (Bats About Bats)

    Laura Nesbit (Space Suit Snatcher)

    Shanna (Stuck in 1957)

    Susie Snowflake

    Spenser and Beth (Samta's Helpers)

    Becky (Teenage Sponge Boys from Outer Space)

    Cory Calder/Madame Margo


    (Currently very incomplete)

    Dwarf (Escape from the Carnival of Horrors)


    Marcie (Trapped in Bat Wing Hall0

    Murphy Brothers (Night in Werewolf Woods)

    Unamed Pitcher (Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter)

    Mr. Lucky Lucky and Granny Kapusta (Under the Magican's Spell)

    Ellvyra Martin (Curse of the creeping coffins)

    Ben (Deep in the jungle of doom)

    Liz & Sybil Wicked


    Cammie (Little Comic Shop of Horrors)

    Sara Ware, Moira, and Drew Mortegarth (Check out time at dead end hotel)

    Was gonna tally them up but eh, you get an idea of how many. And how every single Slappyworld so far has one, dang. It seems like less appeared around HorrorLand but Most Wanted and especially Slappyworld made up for it.

    Don't have too much add here, just more proof I have no life if I'm deep into something this small and dumb. But either way, it was fun to look into.

    Oh and if you wanna know why Stine has such a red-head fixation: His wife has red hair.

    Mystery solved.

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    • Holy crap, how long did this take? Amazing and also heckin Christ that's a lot of red hair

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    • Not as long as it would if and my local public libraries ebooks didn't exist, ha. OG series took like an hour, was the easiest since I remember those more and thus could skip checking ones I already knew had them, the rest I was more unsure of but since the other series were shorter those didn't take too long. Still took a fair overall though.

      I did miss some of on my first runthrough so I've been tweaking the last couple days, I think I got them all for now, hopefully.

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    • Larry, the counselor, from Camp Nightmare also has red hair. That's three redheads in one book! 

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    • Wow, I never noticed that. I wanna say that's why it's so good but I'm not sure if there's any coloration between red-heads and quality there. Either way, nice.

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    • Okay, I think this might be roughly complete now, but I had missed Monica from Doctor Screem before so there's always a chance I missed another big one, but for now we're good.

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    • I think u missed one...Amanda Underwood from Claws!

      Not sure if u deliberately left her out cuz she's copper colored

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    • That is indeed the reason. Sometimes copper colored can refer to brown, as was the case for Britney Crosby, so I only include that if the book also describes it as red elsewhere.

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    • Another one:

      Jane Stine (Waldhorn) from It Came from Ohio!

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    • The ultimate Stine red-head.

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    • It's a bit late now, but Denny from Tick Tock, You're Dead!

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    • Yeah, I didn't put down the GYG ones just cuz I didn't have a way of checking a good chunk of them. This does remind me to add the Tales ones, I'll add the ones I remember and check further later.

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    • >Oh and if you wanna know why Stine has such a red-head fixation: His wife has red hair.

      Bruh, I think you got it backwards...

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    • I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe you mean he had a fixation beforehand, hence he married a red-haired woman? I mean in that case my point stands lol.

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    • Mikel6718
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    • I'm sure there's at least one more redhead in Give Yourself Goosebumps, but I'll need to check (it's likely more than one.) I feel it could be Liz from "Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum", but I could be completely wrong - I'm sure I've read something about a girl having red hair in the GYG series (and it's one of the kids.)

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    • I checked and you are correct!

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    • From Checkout Time: Sara Ware, Moira, and the kid on page 10 who says he's Drew Mortegarth. (I forget how that last thread turns out.)

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    • I checked and he turns out to be Drew, so that's 3. Actually, 4 with Jenna's appearance, dang.

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    • A FANDOM user
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