• Didn't you say you'd like to do a summary of Terror Tower? If you do that one, I can do DT II, and we'd be done rewriting the original series.

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    • Aaah! Promises!¬†Competence!

      I would have liked to do a summary a while ago but I've suddenly been loaded with schoolwork and such. If I have a spare moment, which I doubt will be in the next couple of days, I'd love to finish up the OS summaries. However, I might be able to write something up within the next week or so.

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    • Is Spring Break coming up for you? I know it varies between schools and whatnot.

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    • Three weeks, I think. From what I know Australian school holidays are a bit different from those in other countries.

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    • Welcome back!

      Fair warning, I think I'm going to rewrite the plot for Terror Tower today. I have enough time, and it's the last one we gotta knock out.

      Edit: I rewrote it. That only leaves How I Got My Shrunken Head.

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    • Well done! In all truth, I probably should have handed it over to you anyway. My personal projects have just gone out of control.

      Nesquik question: While I was away, I found this unpublished short story by R. L. Stine called "Dead of Nigth." It was a story only released on the website for The Nightmare Room, and when the website was taken down the story went with it. I was able to find an archive of the website, but something went wrong with the file and only half of the story is readable. I was able to download the file, find the story and completely transcribe it into a Google doc. I would like to make a blog post about it, but how does sharing a link to the transcript reflect with the Wikia's piracy rules?

      Your loyal SharkBud, returned home.

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    • The story was published for free online, and there was/is no way to purchase it. Basically the text equivalent of abandonware.

      I suppose you could post the story to the Goosebumps subreddit if you don't feel it's suitable for this wiki. If you do decide to share it here, I wouldn't stop you.

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