• Do you think you might be able to make a page for any of the following locations?

    • Pitts Landing (Say Cheese 1 & 2)
    • Greenwood Falls (Ghost Next Door)
    • Riverview Falls (Attack of the Mutant)
    • Wheeler Falls (Headless Ghost)
    • Pasadena (The Abominable Snowman & technically Revenge of the Body Squeezers)
    • Sherpia (Beware,,, the Snowman)
    • Goshen Falls (Chicken Chicken) Just did it.
    • New Goshen (Piano Lessons)

    You did some good work over in the page for The Snatcher, and I've been trying to encourage people to make pages for locations. It'd be cool to see more pages like the Wolf Creek one. (I don't remember how much info there is about each location, so some of these places might not need pages.)

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    • Ooohh... I'd like to, but A) I go back to school in 2 days time and B) I'm flying to New York soon. If I have any spare time I'd get onto doing some, but I'm a little constricted for time right now.

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    • That's fine. Any of them sound interesting?

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    • >Goshen Falls (Chicken Chicken)┬áJust did it.

      Excellent job!

      >Any of them sound interesting?

      I'd be tempted by Greenwood Falls, maybe Riverview too. Wheeler might be fun.

      Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time a book is set in a "falls" town.

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    • Earlier, I was wondering why so many of Stine's books use the name "Falls" for towns, but I actually get it. There's something very ominous and Gothic about "Falls" names.

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