• >We usually don't add links in blurbs

    I don't believe that's a rule... Most articles don't have links in the blurb because they're still fairly new. (If I remember correct, the blurbs were only added a little over a year ago.)

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    • I think the blurbs look substantially better without the links. It's a bit of a pain to add links to ever blurb. (I didn't actually think they were a rule - I thought it was a customary thing to not add links.)

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    • I'm going to say that people should be allowed to put links in the blurb. I don't think it really looks worse, and having links might be more convenient for some users.

      >It's a bit of a pain to add links

      It'll slowly happen on its own, I think. Now that I've said this, nobody better start mass editing.

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