• I've been editing a lot of the TV episode articles and have noticed that the plot sections of the articles are either stubs or copied from the related book pages. Is a plot section really necessary, though? In my opinion, all we really need is a link to the article which will already have a plot¬†section on the related book and the "differences from the book" section. That's enough information. Writing plots for each article seems kind of pointless and laborious. Any opinions?

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    • I feel like I this is a debate someone on this wiki brought up a long time ago... I just can't find out when or where.

      I suppose it's only necessary by technicality. It would be nice if we actually had summaries, just nobody is dying to write them.

      (Also, does every TV episode have a plot section?)

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    • >It would be nice if we actually had summaries

      I agree, but it kinda feels like an unnecessary detail.

      >(Also, does every TV episode have a plot section?)

      Most of them. Not all.

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    • I'm inclined to say that the episode pages should try to be stand-alone. Something you could read without needing to reference another page.

      As for having stub sections, I'm going to have to think about whether we should remove those. I'm almost thinking we shouldn't because it lets people know something needs to be written.

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    • They're a bit of an eyesore. I have some free time tomorrow if they're in need of deletion.

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    • Any decision?

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    • It stays.

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    • A FANDOM user
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