• Did I ever ask you if you'd be interested in rewriting any of the stolen plot summaries on this wiki?

    ...I feel like that's something I woulda' already asked, considering your good grammar.

    If I already asked this, sorry for asking again.

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    • Nope, you haven't asked...

      I am honoured you asked. I do have quite a lot of experience with writing, so this should be relatively easy. I would think I might set up something like a rewrite box so the new summaries can be reviewed? Thank you very much for the comments on my grammar... 

      Is there a list or a category that would organize the stolen plots, so I would be able to work through them one by one? A category of sorts might be necessary.

      ...however, there might be a problem with my efficiency. Currently, I have a lot of work on the go  (thank you, high school) but I should be able to fit in some rewrite time. 

      (In all honesty, can you really blame these editors for using Troy's work? His work is pretty dang good.)

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    • >I might set up something like a rewrite box

      Your writing seems good enough to where that might not be necessary, but, if it makes you feel more comfortable, go for it!

      >Is there a list or a category

      Not exactly a category, but this is a list of every page that contains a CopyWarning:

      >there might be a problem with my efficiency.

      It's all voluntary, so you can work at your leisure.

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    • Our current list is pretty long, so we're trying to give top priority to the original series books.

      I'd personally think I might summarize It Came from Beneath the Sink! and maybe My Best Friend Is Invisible in the future. If there are any you're interested in, feel free to share. It's a good way to make sure we never get people rewriting the same books.

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    • >I'd personally think I might summarize It Came from Beneath the Sink! and maybe My Best Friend Is Invisible in the future

      I haven't read MBFiI yet, so good to know someone's got that covered. I might do Headless Halloween, considering I'm already writing a blog post on it which contains a plot summary that I could reuse.

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    • Would it be worth looking through the category of pages that need more concise plot summaries to see if I can narrow anything down?

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    • If you'd like to, sure. But a lot of the lengthiest plot summaries are also stolen. No point in shortening something that needs to be rewritten entirely.

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    • Update on the HD covers: I finally figured out why the covers aren't uploading; it's because I didn't realize the maximum file size on the wiki is 10MB, and my images were just slightly over. (This might mean the reason a white rim kept appearing around the Series 2000 logo on Be Afraid kept turning up - maybe it was a compression thing. I'm not sure.) I'm readjusting some aspect ratios (they were way to big to begin with) so covers for Be Afraid and Return to Ghost Camp should be available in my sandbox soon.

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    • Be Afraid Be Very Afraid (Cover)
      Finally. It worked. Beautiful. Best of all, no white rim. (I think.)
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    • I think you may be using the wrong version of Futura for the tagline. The version you're using doesn't look bold.

      Another concern: it appears that the scan Jacobus provided us with isn't quite what was used for the final cover. When looking at other scans, the reds are more pronounced, and the blues are a bit more subtle. Scholastic may have shifted the colors, but it's still something worth accounting for.

      Once again, sorry to be so nit-picky, but part of the reason I never created HD covers for this series was because I wasn't able to get them to look perfect. If I really rushed through them, I could probably do all of them in a day, but there are soooo many tiny problems. Like how the scans of the full art for Brain Juice and Earth Geeks seem so far away from the final covers (contrast/color-wise).

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    • > the wrong version of Futura for the tagline.

      Must have forgotten to make it bold. Whoops.

      > it appears that the scan Jacobus provided us with isn't quite what was used for the final cover

      > the reds are more pronounced, and the blues are a bit more subtle

      I may be able to fix these. It could just be an adjustment in a warmth section of color, which would be relatively easy to fix. I'll see if I can play around with it. I have the same problem with the colors for Return to Ghost Camp, too.

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