• Hey dude, thanks for the edits on the Jonathan Chiller page. I think you were right in reverting my edits, I just thought 'a big old man' sounded a little vague, and in England we also use commas in lists to seperate the adjectives. Thanks. Cackles21 (talk) 20:01, August 5, 2018 (UTC)

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    • Hey. I'm not sure what commas you are referring to, but we do that in the States sometimes, too, like, "his ugly, rotten tooth." One isn't needed between big and old in "big old man," though. I'm not sure why that is. I guess "big old man" is just a cliche phrase or description we all have heard.  

      The reason I reversed your edits wasn't because you removed the word "big," but because your edit created a new grammar mistake.

      "He wears old-fashioned square glasses (the glasses for some reason were absent when Jonathan was seen on the cover of The Horror at Chiller House), as well as having a gold tooth."

      That latter bit just sounded awkward, and I went to correct it and make that part its own sentence, but then I noticed that it was already its own sentence before you edited it and you moved the sentence. I didn't know if you thought "big old man" was bad grammar, either. It was just easier to undo the edit. 

      You were right to split the run-on sentence, though, so I did fix that back and credited you. 

      I hope I didn't offend you! If Jonathan Chiller is not described in the book as big, feel free to remove that again. I'm not super familiar with the book or character (haven't made it that far yet), but from your edit notes, you were correcting grammar, not content issues, so I thought maybe you thought "big old man" was incorrect grammar, which it is not.

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    • Yeah, sorry. I just thought "big old man" wasn't the most clear sentence, sounding a bit strange. I think Jonathan Chiller did have a pot belly but wasn't particularly large otherwise, not even that tall. I'm very sorry, you're probably older and know more than me. Bye.

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    • Are you calling me old?! I'm just kidding...

      You should edit the page and go into more detail about his appearance like you did here if you feel stongly enough. Your description on my wall is much better than "big old man." Look, I simply reverted your edit because you said you were correcting grammar and there was nothing wrong with the grammar you edited, and there were grammar issues in your edit. I honestly believed you thought "big old man" was bad grammar. You didn't delete "big" and replace it with more accurate info (like the info you wrote on my wall here). I'm not an admin here, so this is purely advice and not instruction: If you think a sentence isn't clear, replace it with something more clear rather than deleting it. Someone thought it was important enough to add.

      No need to apologize, and I don't know more than you. I clearly stated I am not familiar with the character or book and just wanted to help. You obviously do know about the character, so you know more than me in this case. 

      I hope you are not offended. All of us have our edits corrected. I added something to Night of the Living Dummy the other day that GbA removed because he didn't think it was exactly accurate. I didn't get offended because he explained why he edited my edit. Wikis are community projects worked on by a lot of people. I was honestly just trying to help you. :)

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    • Got ya! 😀

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    • A FANDOM user
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