• Admin add Jack Black in Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween and say Avery lee Jones not
    just take look at this picture trolls of Wikipedia do it again why Jack Black is not Confirmed yet this is just makeing me angry and you too why do they not listen
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    • Oh my God! These people are idiots! There is so much evidence that Jones is voicing Slappy, but they're ignoring it because they don't want to believe it!

      This is why I stopped going on Wikipedia back in 2015, because people kept removing my plot of the first film, even though the movie has been out for over a month at the time!

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    • Good News User:NicktheDummy User reverted it back to Avery Lee Jones as Voice of Slappy in Goosebumps 2 and put protect the page mean page is lock 🔒 is not so believers can not edit
      it look like NeilN is only User and Admin in Wikipedia that listen.
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    • Horray!


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    • It got protected? Yay!


      >[protection] expires 11:37, 11 August 2018

      Well, that doesn't do much.

      Eh, I'm givin' up on the ol' 'Pedia for now.

      (Also, someone changed the Deadline source. Now it links to the wrong article! It should link to this. Not this article. ...I don't know who changed that, but I'm confused as to why.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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