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"The Werewolf of Fever Swamp" is the eighteenth and nineteenth episode of season one of the Goosebumps TV series. Part one and two premiered on May 17, 1996 on Fox in prime time as a one-hour special.



Grady and Emily didn't want to move to the Florida swamps in the first place, but their mom and dad – both scientists – said that it would be "an adventure they would never forget". That's for sure! First came the horrific howls during the night. Then there was the scary shadow lurking behind the tree and the spooky sounds coming from the swamp. Now Grady can't stop thinking about the spooky hermit who chased him and his new friend Will while they were exploring the swamp behind his new house. And the almost-human howls that make him sit straight up in bed each night. Could Grady's new dog be responsible for some of the midnight mischief? He does sort of resemble a wolf, and he appeared out of nowhere. Everyone is convinced that the dog is a monster, but Grady knows better. Dogs don't howl at the full moon, or disappear at midnight, or turn into werewolves… Do they?

Differences from the book

  • In the episode, the dog is named Vandal, not Wolf.
    • Vandal breaks into the Tucker's house at night instead of jumping out at Grady in the book.
  • Cassie O' Rourke is omitted from the episode entirely.
  • In the episode, Grady's encounter with The Swamp Hermit is less pleasant as the hermit inversely kidnaps Grady after he gets caught in the hermit's trap and the man drags him back to his shack, believing that Grady is the werewolf.
  • The episode reveals that Will killed the Swamp Hermit's wife and children.
  • The Swamp Hermit is implied to have been killed by the werewolf in the episode, while he survived in the book.
  • Will is portrayed more sympathetically, and Grady says "Poor Will" when he sinks into the bog and drowns.
  • In the book, Grady realizes that Will is the werewolf due to seeing that the werewolf has broad shoulders and a thick neck just like Will has. In the episode, Grady realizes that Will is the werewolf when the lunar eclipse covers the full moon which causes the werewolf to partially revert back to Will.
  • In the book, Cassie believes in werewolves and that the swamp hermit is the werewolf. In the episode, Will is the believer and tells Grady that the swamp hermit is a werewolf.
  • The ending in the episode is slightly different from the book. In the book, Grady transforms into the werewolf and runs into the swamp with Wolf. In the episode, Grady walks outside and suddenly howls at the moon, but the viewer doesn't see his transformation.

Home media

Title Release date Media type

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

March 25, 1997 VHS

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

September 7, 2004 DVD


  • In Grady's room, there is a skateboard featuring the mask that is on the cover of The Haunted Mask.
  • These two episodes were originally broadcast as a one-hour special during prime time.
  • In the United Kingdom, Goosebumps is usually rated PG for scary scenes and mild supernatural threat (and, depending on the episode, scenes of bullying, mild violence, and dangerous, imitable behavior). However, this episode was given a 12 rating due to moderate supernatural threat and animal violence (both seen and implied).
  • A clip from this episode is featured in the Animorphs episode Underground.


Part 1

Part 2