Beware, The Snowman - artwork

The artwork of the character.

The Snowman is a living creature who appeared in the fifty-first Goosebumps book, Beware, The Snowman.


Jaclyn wonders why there are so many snowmen in Sherpia, then she meets one, alive.

The Snowman claims that he is Jaclyn's father. He says that he was turned into a snowman by her Aunt Greta. Greta tells her that he isn't her father, he is a monster.

In the end, it turns out that the Snowman is a monster and that the hermit Conrad appears with an army of Snowmen brought to life from Sherpia where they defeat the monster. Conrad is Jaclyn's father and they are happy to be reunited. They hug each other, but their hug is interrupted by the snowmen as one of them asks if they can head back down to the village as it's cold up on the mountain.

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