The Snowman is a living creature who appeared in the fifty-first Goosebumps book, Beware, The Snowman.


When Jaclyn moves to Sherpia with her aunt, Greta, she wonders why there are so many snowmen in the village. That is until Rolonda tells her about the Snowman that lives in the ice cave at the top of a mountain near the village and how he came to be.

She tells Jaclyn that one day, several years ago, two sorcerers cast a spell on a snowman, bringing him to life. But then they lost control of him and he set out to destory the village. The sorcerers tries to put him to sleep with thier magic but they weren't powerful enough. The villagers gathered together and somehow managed to force the Snowman up the mountain and into the ice cave. Afterwards, most people left Sherpia, Conrad built a cabin just beneath the ice cave and whose who stay in Sherpia, started building snowmen in the Snowman's image to honor him and keep him from coming the mountain.

At first, Jaclyn doesn't believe a word Rolonda has said. Until one day, at the mountaintop she got passed Conrad's cabin and reach the entrance of the ice cave while Rolonda and Eli distract Conard by having him and his white wolf, Wolfbane chase them down the mountain. She then sees a tall, white figure come out of the ice cave. An enormous snowman with round, black, doorknob-sized eyes and tree branch arms wearing a blood-red scarf. The Snowman claims that he is Jaclyn's father. He says that he was turned into a snowman by her mother. Jacyln starts reciting the first verse of the snowman poem to set him free, but realize that she need to read the poetry book that contains the whole poem for the second verse. Greta arrives at the ice cave with the poetry book and tells her that the Snowman isn't her father, but a evil monster, which leaves Jaclyn not knowing who to trust.

In a attempt to figure out who's telling the truth, Jaclyn takes the poetry book from Greta. Greta and Jaclyn both tug at the book causing pages to tear out, but Jaclyn manages to pull the book from her aunt and starts flipping through pages to find Greta picks up the tore-out page with the snowman poem and throws it off the icy ledge in attempt to dispose of it, permanently. However, the wind blew the page above the ledge, allowing Jaclyn to grab it. She starts reading the poem, but Greta wipes the page from her and tears it to shreds. Although the page was tored to jagged strips, Jaclyn managed to see the second verse and then recites the entire poem from memory. With both the first and second verse of the poem recited, the Snowman starts melting. As soon as all the snow dripped away, Jaclyn realized her aunt, Greta told the truth. He wasn't her father, he was a monster. A crusty, red scaled monster with a bull-shaped head, yellow eyes, a purple tongue and jagged teeth.

Now set free, the monster heaves the poetry book over the side of the mountain then grabs Greta and Jaclyn with plans to throw them over it, too. Suddenly, he drops the pair on the icy ledge as he sees an army of living snowmen from Sherpia coming up the mountain. As soon as the snowmen reach the top, they push the monster back against the wall of the ice cave and swarm over him until he had froze. Soon after, Conrad arrives at the icy ledge saying that he brought the snowmen to life, revealing himself as a sorcerer. Greta tells Jaclyn that Conrad is her father and the reason they've moved to Sherpia. Conrad then tells Jaclyn that when she was younger, he and her mother were practicing powerful magic when it got out of control and created the monster that's now frozen inside the ice cave. In a attempt to stop the monster, they froze him inside the body of a snowman. After that, Jaclyn's mother move out of Sherpia with Jaclyn to forget about what happened, while Conrad stayed because he felt like he owed it to the people of the village to protect them from the monster's wrath. 

General information


The Snowman is an evil being, and always has been. He is deceitful and only cares about himself and causing chaos.

Physical appearance

In his original form, the Snowman is a red, scaled creature with a bull-shaped head. He has a purple tongue, three-fingered hands, jagged teeth, and yellow eyes.

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