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"Scarecrow Walks at Midnight" is an episode of the Goosebumps TV series. The episodes aired on Fox during the Fox Kids block on November 9, 1996 as the fourteenth episode of Season 2. It was directed by Randy Bradshaw.



Jodie loves visiting her grandparents' farm, listening to Grandpa Kurt's spooky stories and devouring Grandma Miriam's chocolate chip pancakes. But she and her brother Mark haven't been to the farm in a year, and it appears to have changed. The cornfields are sparse, their grandparents look terrible, and the single scarecrow has been replaced by 12 towering, evil-looking ones that seem to have a life of their own. . . .

Differences from the Book

  • "The" is omitted from the title, so its simply titled just Scarecrow Walks at Midnight.
  • In the book, Jodie and Mark ride horses. In the episode, they ride bicycles.
  • In the book, the scarecrows are killed when Sticks burns them to ashes. In the episode, Mark activates the thresher, which shreds the scarecrows.
  • Grandma Miriam's reason to not make chocolate chip pancakes is that she forgot to buy chocolate chips, not because they're fattening like in the book.
  • In the book, Stanley, out of anger, proceeds to bring the scarecrows to life after Sticks reveals Stanley's secret to Jodie. In the episode, this was actually an accident, as he was trying to make sure all scarecrows stayed asleep.
  • In the book, the grandparents are aware of the scarecrows being alive but pretend they don't move in order for Stanley to keep his spell working. In the episode, they do the same thing, but there is an extra scene where Grandma Miriam makes sure the windows and doors are locked before Grandpa Kurt tells her that they're all locked and it's just the wind that makes the scarecrows look like they're moving before scarecrows proceed to bang on the windows and try to open the locked door.
  • The scene where the scarecrows mimic Mark and pull their heads off is omitted.
  • In the episode, the scarecrows appear to have the ability to talk, and noises belonging to them can be heard during the fight.
  • The ending is different. The book ends with Stanley accidentally bringing a stuffed bear statue to life. In the TV version, it's the thresher that heads for their house. Also, in the TV episode, when Stanley reads the new chant, everyone is present unlike the book, where only Jodie heard the chant. Additionally, in the book Stanley reads this off the full book, while in the episode he reads off a stray page from it that had apparently fallen from it at some point.
  • In the episode, Stanley doesn't make many jokes, unlike in the book.

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