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"Perfect School" is the eleventh episode of season three of the Goosebumps TV series, and the fifty-fifth and fifty-sixth episode overall. It premiered on November 15, 1997 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.


  • Shawn Roberts as Brian O'Connor
  • Daniel Lee as C.J.
  • J.J. Stocker as Joe
  • David Roemmele as Billy Brown
  • Malcolm Stewart as Howard O'Connor
  • Ann Turnbull as Paula O'Connor
  • Sean Dick as Riley O'Connor
  • Victor A. Young as Head Master
  • Dylan Berryman as Perfect Boy
  • Cameron Graham as Guardian #1
  • Joshua Peace as Guardian #2


So maybe Brian O'Connor does like to play practical jokes on his little brother, Riley. And maybe he doesn't clean his room or make his bed often enough to please his parents, but that's no reason to send him away to boarding school, is it? Brian's parents just won't settle for anything less than perfect, so they send him away to "The Perfect School". The grounds are pristine, the hallways are spotless, and the students that graduate really are perfect. Maybe a little too perfect!

Differences from the story

  • In the short story, the school creates robots of the students. In the television episode, the school creates brainwashed human clones of the students.
  • The end of the story has Brian forced to act perfect so his parents don't suspect that he isn't a robot. On the TV version, Brian fakes acting perfect so he can secretly break the other students/prisoners of The Perfect School out.
  • In the story, Brian gets sent to The Perfect School because his parents don't think that he's perfect enough. In the TV episode, Brian is sent as punishment for repeatedly pranking his younger brother.
  • In the story, the Perfect School is coed (has both boys and girls). In the episode, The Perfect School is an all-boys school.

Home media

Title Release date Media type

Perfect School

September 5, 2006 DVD


  • This was originally shot as a one-part episode, but its producers saw it as having high potential; as a result, extra scenes were shot, and it was turned into a two-part episode.[1]
  • David Roemmele (Billy Brown) played Mike in season one's "Welcome to Camp Nightmare".
  • Billy Brown's name is likely a reference to show writer/story editor Billy Brown.
  • The DVD cover uses the cover art for the book The Haunted School.
  • Like the short story, the episode appears to be based off of The Stepford Wives, which follows a similar plot.