The following is a list of characters from The Mummy Walks in the order they appear.


Character Description
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke

Michael's parents, who reveal themselves to not be his birth parents. They come from the country of Jezikah and adopted him, then took him to America to keep him safe during the war.
Michael Clarke

The protagonist and narrator. He loves to go to new places and discover things but gets more than he bargained for when he finds out that he is the prince of Jezikah and might have a chip in his brain that leads to a mummy.
Lieutenant Henry

A man Michael meets on the plane. He offers Micheal drinks and food, but he declines.
General Rameer

A man who tells Michael to show him where the mummy is, so they use the sapphire inside it. He is dedicated to his country and will do anything to get the mummy.
Emperor Pukrah

An ancient leader whose mummy is sought by the rebels. There is a sapphire inside him that everyone wants.

Someone who talks Michael's call when he tries to call home, as the general orders that he cannot make any calls.
Megan Kerr

A girl who helps Michael avoid getting his head cut up to find the chip. Her parents were killed in a bomb explosion, and she was adopted by General Rameer.

Two men who find Michael when he first tries to escape.
Rebel Soldiers

Rebel Soldiers that attack the group. They soon run away, as they never fight for long. Some of then later capture the kids.
General Mohamm

The leader of the rebels and Rameer's cousin. When he discovers that Michael doesn't have a chip inside him, he orders the kids to be killed.

A man who works for Mohamm that tells them killing Michael is a bad idea.
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