The Monster Police​, also known as Horror Cops, are an elite police force of Horrors, trained to be police members.


The Monster Police are in charge of everything happening in HorrorLand. They show up in every book of the Goosebumps HorrorLand book series and they always cause trouble for the Very Special Guests. They do whatever they can to make them as miserable as possible and keep them away from Panic Park.

The Monster Police are also in charge of protecting HorrorLand's secrets.


The Monster police first appear in the Enter HorrorLand part of Creep from the Deep where they start to chase after a kid who was wielding a gray card and winning every game in the Play Pen.

In Monster Blood for Breakfast!, Matt Daniels and Billy Deep try to get Clem and Benson to help save Sheena Deep from becoming invisible to no avail. They force Billy and Matt into a X-ray machine to see if they have a room key card, which Matt has. Matt tricks the Horrors that he doesn't have it when he goes through the machine. Since Sheena is invisible, Matt secretly gives her the card, and Sheena hides it in her hand. They escape the Horrors, or not. The two Horrors start chasing them. Matt, Billy, and Sheena goes inside "Dr. Twisted's Science Lab" to hide from the Horrors that were chasing them. Clem and Benson eventually capture Byron.

In The Scream of the Haunted Mask, Monster Police members Bubba and Marcus discuss the scary surprises for the special guests near HorrorLand's mask shop.

In My Friends Call Me Monster, Matt Dandiels and Michael Munroe get into a fight which is broken up by the Monster Police. When the Monster Police respond to the intruder alert in the secret lab wthin the tunnel that has a "DO NOT ENTER" sign on it, Michael uses Matt's keycard to release the gorilla-like creatures to distract the Monster Police.

In Help! We Have Strange Powers!, some of the kids were unable to jump into the mirrors in a HorrorLand restaurant and are chased away by the Monster Police.

Known members

  • Clem Muncie - The most respected member of the Monster Police.
  • Benson - Clem Muncie's partner.
  • Bubba -
  • Marcus -
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