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"The Ice Vampire" is the third short story in More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps


This story follows two young boys, Sam Weaver and Billy Liff. The story begins with the boys losing in an ice sculpture competition they had entered in. The boys' ice sculpture cobra lost to an ice sculpture vampire made by someone named Bram Stokeman. After the competition is over, a girl named Michelle Ahlberg, greets the boys. She is one of their friends from school. The three decide to go look at some of the ice sculptures.

While viewing the ice sculptures, the three kids hear strange moaning sounds. Then, Sam feels an icy hand on the back of his neck. Sam assumes that the hand on his neck belongs to Billy, but when Sam turns around, he sees an ice vampire! The ice vampire has come to life and is looking for warmth.

The three kids run back to Billy's home and spend the night there. The next morning Billy's sister Emily goes outside and begins knocking down icicles unaware of the monster that followed her brother home. The ice vampire grabs her and begins trying to take her warmth, but Billy and his friends come out of the house just in time to save her. They realize that they can use Emily's battery-powered hair dryer to melt the vampire.

The kids manage to defeat the icy monster. Once the vampire is only a puddle on the floor, they all begin laughing and cheering. Their cheering is soon interrupted by an unexpected intruder. The kids are faced with a giant ice cobra! The sculpture they had made earlier came to life. Unfortunately for them, Emily's hair dryer just ran out of batteries.



  • Bram Stokeman is a reference to Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.
  • "Nutcracker Nightmare" and "The Ice Vampire", which appear consecutively in the book, each feature a protagonist that goes by the name Sam.