The following is a list of characters from The Horror at Camp Jellyjam in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Mom and Dad

These are Wendy and Elliot's parents. They are never actually named. The book says that Wendy and Elliot look more like their father than their mother.

Elliot enjoys competing. At Camp Jellyjam, he has a great time playing sports against other kids.

Wendy is the twelve-year-old protagonist and narrator of the book. She isn't nearly as competitive as her brother. Throughout the book, Wendy is more concerned with being reunited with her parents than winning King Coins.
Camp Jellyjam counselors

  • Buddy (head counselor)
  • Scooter
  • Holly
  • Billy

The counselors at King Jellyjam's Sports Camp all wear white shirts and shorts. They vigorously encourage kids to compete. Buddy is the head counselor. Scooter is Elliot's bunk counselor, and Holly is Wendy's bunk counselor. All counselors act exceedingly cheerful and obsessed with winning, a result of the hypnosis they're under.

Alicia is a small red-haired girl who first appears in the woods. She warns Wendy not to go to King Jellyjam's Sports Camp.
King Jellyjam

King Jellyjam is the mascot for the camp that the kids stay at. Depictions of King Jellyjam appear periodically throughout the book, but Wendy doesn't see him until late in the story, where it is revealed he is a giant smelly monster that all winners of King Coin's must clean.

Dierdre is on of Wendy's bunk-mates. Dierdre wins her sixth King Coin in a swimming competition. She goes missing after she participates in the Winners' Walk.

Jan is another one of Wendy's bunk-mates. She is skinny, and has short black bangs.

Ivy is another one of Wendy's bunk-mates. She has frizzy blonde hair.

Jeff is an incredibly athletic blond kid. Jeff competes against Elliot on multiple occasions. He goes missing after receiving his sixth King Coin.

Rose is African American and very athletic. She becomes friends with Wendy, but disappears after receiving her sixth King Coin.

Ronni acts as the team captain for a softball team.
Police officers

Police officers from a nearby town investigate King Jellyjam's Sports Camp in an attempt to track down the source of the putrid odor pouring into their town.
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