The following is a list of characters from The Headless Ghost and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

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Character Medium Description
Stephanie Alpert

Book and TV episode Stephanie is one half of the self-dubbed "Twin Terrors" of Wheeler Falls alongside her friend, Duane Comack. Stephanie loves to pull pranks on people and is a lot more adventurous than Duane. When Stephanie grows tired of playing the usual tricks, she gets the idea to sneak into Hill House and search for the missing head of a ghost said to haunt the location.
Duane Comack

Book and TV episode The second half of the Twin Terrors, as well as the book's protagonist and narrator. When Stephanie suggests going into Hill House, he is reluctant but eventually agrees.

Book and TV episode The allegedly haunted Hill House is Wheeler Falls' biggest tourist attraction. Daily tours are given there for the curious. One of the guides there is Otto, Duane and Stephanie's personal favorite. He is a great story-teller, but slightly scary-looking.

Book Another tour guide of Hill House. Edna is Duane and Stephanie's second favorite guide.
Captain Bell

Book and TV episode The creator of Hill House. Captain William P. Bell built the house for his wife, Annabel, but was called out to sea when it was finally finished. The Captain never returned, but his ghost did, constantly searching for his wife. While the ghost is long gone before the events of the book take place, the captain appears as an antagonist in the episode.

Book and TV episode The wife of Captain Bell, and the first to live in Hill House. When her husband never returned, she fled the house.
Andrew Craw

Book and TV episode Andrew and his family were the first to live in Hill House after it is abandoned. According to legend, Andrew's head was torn off in an encounter with the ghost of Captain Bell, and his spirit has remained in search of it ever since. While his story is the reason Duane and Stephanie enter Hill House, he only appears near the end of the book.
The Craw family

  • Joseph and Mrs. Craw
  • Hannah Craw

Joseph Craw (Book)
Mrs. Craw (Book and TV episode)
Hannah Craw (Book)
After the death of their son, Andrew, the Craws suffer a series of unfortunate accidents that lead to their deaths. Their daughter, Hannah, is driven to madness.
Ben Fuller

Book One of the kids that Duane and Stephanie terrorize. He's scared of spiders, which they take advantage of.

Book and TV episode A boy Duane and Stephanie encounter during a tour at Hill House, he offers to show them how to find some real ghosts. The two agree, and Seth takes them around the house, where they begin hearing and seeing strange things. Seth pretends to be Andrew's ghost as a joke, before the real one shows up.
Police Officers

Book After their encounter at Hill House, Duane and Stephanie decide to return there for one last tour. They stop by, only to find two officers who tell them Hill House has been shut down.
Married Couple

TV episode At the end of the episode, Hill House is bought by a new family looking to rebuild it.
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