The following is a list of characters from The Haunted School in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Ben Jackson

Book Ben is a classmate and friend of protagonist, Tommy Frazer. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a love for practical jokes. Ben, along with Tommy and Thalia Halpert-Rodis, is apart of the school's decoration committee, who have been setting up for the upcoming dance.
Thalia Halpert-Rodis

Book Thalia is a friend of Tommy and Ben's. Tommy describes her as pretty, with blonde hair and blue eyes, much like Ben's. She is often teased by her classmates for her tendency to wear lots of make-up, and her constant reapplying of red lipstick.
Tommy Frazer

Book Tommy is the book's protagonist and narrator. After his Dad remarries, he is forced to attend a new school. Tommy feels awkward and unfamiliar but tries to make the best of the situation by meeting new people and joining his school's decoration committee. But Tommy soon finds out the school is harboring a tragic past and a dark secret, one that leads him into a bizarre, eerie new dimension hidden behind its walls.
Mrs. Borden

Book Mrs. Borden is the school principal. She oversees the decoration committee. When Tommy gets lost, Mrs. Border helps him and reveals the story of the Class of 1947, who tragically went missing under mysterious circumstances.

Book Greta is a girl at Tommy's school. She is tough-looking, with white-blond hair and steel-gray eyes. Greta steals Thalia's lipstick, leading to a fight.
Mr. Devine

Book Mr. Devine is Tommy's teacher. He breaks up the fight between Greta and Thalia.
Mary, Eloise, Eddie, Mona, and Seth

Book After Tommy and Ben step into an elevator in the school, they find themselves transported into a strange, black and white world. In a gray classroom, they meet four children: Mary, Eloise, Eddie, Mona, and Seth. The five reveal themselves to be apart of the Class of 1947, who went missing after an evil photographer named Mr. Chameleon took their picture. Now they, along with their other classmates, are stuck permanently in "Grayworld".
Mr. Chameleon

Book Mr. Chameleon is an enigmatic photographer responsible for the disappearance of the Class of 1947. The five children Ben and Tommy meet describe him as an evil man who hated children. When the class misbehaved while posing for a photo, Mr. Chameleon transported them to Grayworld.
Unnamed Children

Book The remaining members of the Class of 1947. Being stuck in Grayworld so long drove them insane. The children capture Tommy and Ben and begin a bizarre ritual before the two are saved by Thalia.
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