"Haunted Mask II" is the eleventh and twelfth episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series, and the thirtieth and thirty-first episode overall. Part one and part two premiered on October 29, 1996 on Fox as a one hour special.



Carly Beth Caldwell learned her lesson from the hideous mask she used to scare Steve Boswell last Halloween. Too bad Steve didn't learn this! This year he's determined to have the scariest costume on the block. He goes to the same spooky store where Carly Beth got her mask and finds one that looks like an evil old man with stringy, white hair and a wrinkled face. Steve may have the scariest mask in town, but suddenly he's feeling kind of old, very tired, and sort of evil . . .


Differences from the book

  • In the book, Steve is forced to choose coaching a first-grade soccer team as punishment for releasing a squirrel into the girl's locker room (while another punishment was blowing up basketballs by mouth in the gym every day after school). None of this plot appears in the episode.
  • The Haunted Mask from the original is featured much more prominently In the episode. While it was only briefly mentioned in the book, the mask appears as an antagonist in the episode.
  • In the book, Carly Beth's father and Steve's father make an appearance while they are not seen nor mentioned in the episode.
  • In the episode, the Unloved are burned by the shopkeeper, but in the book, they are simply moved into boxes within the shop's basement.
  • The shopkeeper also has a larger role in the episode, in the book he only appears briefly to warn Steve of the masks. In the episode, he is taken over by the original mask.
  • In the episode, instead of having a mask himself, Chuck was just dressed as a Mafia gangster.
  • In the book, Sabrina is a superhero for Halloween. In the episode, she's a tiger.
  • In the book, Steve steals the mask in hopes of scaring the first graders he's coaching. In the episode, he wants to wear the mask because he wants one last chance to do something scary before he's too old to trick-or-treat.
  • Carly Beth never reveals where she got the mask in the episode. Instead, they discover the shop by following the mask possessed shopkeeper.
  • In the episode, Steve's mother wants him to be a pirate again for Halloween but in the book, his mother is unconcerned with his costume, only commenting on the mask in disgust.
  • In the book, the first time Steve puts on the mask is when it melds to his face. In the episode, it takes multiple times for the mask to stick to Steve's face.
  • In the episode, Steve's mask is removed through a symbol of love. In the book, all the masks must be removed through different means.
    • In the book, Steve thought his dog Sparky was a symbol of love, while in the episode, Steve appears to not like the dog much and being vaguely annoyed when it started barking at his mask.
  • The book ends with Chuck now having a mask stuck to his face, while the episode ends with the old man mask and the original haunted mask being burned in a fireplace, with Steve's dog eventually burying it after it survives the flames.

Home releases


Poster advertising the US VHS release.

"Haunted Mask II" was released on VHS in the US on July 29, 1997, and October 1, 1999 in the UK. It was released on DVD on September 7, 2004.

Title Release date Media type

The Haunted Mask II



July 29, 1997 (US)

October 1, 1999 (UK)


The Haunted Mask II

September 7, 2004 DVD







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