The following is a list of characters from The Haunted Mask II and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
R.L. Stine

TV episode R.L. Stine introduces and closes out the episode.
Steve Boswell

Book and TV episode Steve Boswell was one of Carly Beth Caldwell's bullies in the first Haunted Mask, and shifts to protagonist and narrator of this book. Still up to his old tricks, Steve is punished for a school prank and forced to coach for a first-grade soccer team. When the children begin making his life miserable, Steve seeks revenge. Thinking back to last year's Halloween, Steve decides to get a mask just like Carly Beth's, in hopes of terrifying the kids.
Chuck Greene

Book and TV episode Chuck is Steve's best friend. They love to make each other laugh. He gives Steve the idea to scare his soccer team as payback.
Miss Curdy

Book The gym teacher. She punishes Steve for setting a squirrel loose in the girl's locker room.
The Walnut Avenue Hogs

  • Andrew Foster
  • Duck Benton
  • Marnie Rosen
  • Johnny Myers

Book The Walnut Avenue Hogs are the first-grade soccer team Steve is forced to coach. The enjoy playing practical jokes on him. Fed up, Steve decides to get payback by scaring them all on Halloween night.
Carly Beth Caldwell

Book and TV episode Carly Beth was once Chuck and Steve's favorite person to scare. After she terrified them with a horrifying mask the previous Halloween, all that changed. Returning from the first book, Carly Beth is now a lot more brave. When Steve asks her where she got the mask, she refuses to tell him until he keeps prying. When Steve's mask ends up getting stuck to his face much like her's did, Carly Beth helps get it off.
Sabrina Mason

Book and TV episode Sabrina is Carly Beth's best friend. She has grown tired of Chuck and Steve's antics.
The Unloved

Book and TV episode When Steve enters the party store Carly Beth told him about, he finds it shut down and seemingly abandoned. However, he and Chuck enter anyway. The eventually stumble across a box of grotesque masks. Steve settles on one resembling a ghoulish old man with spiders in his hair. When he puts it on, Steve finds himself feeling weaker and much older. However, unlike the prior masks, a symbol of love does not remove the mask.
The Shopkeeper

Book and TV episode The owner of the party store and creator of the masks. He warns Steve of the danger they present. In the episode, the original haunted mask ends up attaching to his face as he attempts to destroy the other Unloved ones.
Mrs. Boswell and Mr. Boswell

Book and TV episode (Mrs. Boswell only) Steve's parents. Mrs. Boswell makes him a hobo costume to wear for Halloween.

Book and TV episode Sparky is Steve's dog. Steve hopes he can act as the symbol of love needed to remove the mask, but he discovers his must be removed through different means.
Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell

Mr. Caldwell (Book) Mrs. Caldwell (TV episode) Carly Beth's parents. When Steve tries to call her for help in removing the mask, Mr. Caldwell picks up. He doesn't recognize Steve's voice and hangs up.
The Haunted Mask

Book and TV episode In the book, the mask Carly Beth wore last Halloween is only mentioned. In the episode, it appears as an antagonist. It attaches itself to The Shopkeeper's face and tries to re-unite with Carly Beth.
Noah Caldwell

TV episode Carly Beth's younger brother.
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