The following is a list of characters from The Haunted Mask and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
R.L. Stine

TV episode R.L. Stine introduces and closes out the episode.
Sabrina Mason

Book and TV episode Sabrina is the best friend of protagonist, Carly Beth Caldwell. She has straight black hair and blue eyes. Sabrina comes to the defense of Carly Beth whenever she gets bullied.
Carly Beth Caldwell

Book and TV episode Carly Beth is the book's protagonist. Shy and easily frightened, she is often on the receiving end of pranks pulled by her classmates, Steve Boswell and Chuck Greene. With Halloween approaching, Carly Beth decides it's time for payback and buys a frightening green mask in order to scare her two bullies. However, she soon discovers the mask has a mind of its own.
Chuck Greene

Book and TV episode Chuck is one of Carly Beth's bullies and the best friend of Steve Boswell. The two of them love to scare Carly Beth. Chuck is described as having straight brown hair which he keeps hidden under a baseball cap.
Steve Boswell

Book and TV episode Steve is another of Carly Beth's bullies, and the best friend of Chuck Greene. He is described as looking similar to Chuck, with straight brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Mrs. Caldwell

Book and TV episode The mother of Carly Beth and her brother, Noah. Mrs. Caldwell makes a plaster replica of her daughter's head in an art class.
Noah Caldwell

Book and TV episode Carly Beth's annoying little brother. He enjoys scaring her, and often wants whatever she has.
Mrs. Armbruster and Mr. Smythe

Book Mrs. Armbruster is the school principal, while Mr. Smythe is a science teacher. The two act as judges for the school's Science Fair.
Walnut Avenue Middle School Students

  • Martin Goodman
  • Mary Sue Chong
  • Brian Baldwin

Book Fellow classmates of Carly Beth and Sabrina. They all seem to have better, more exciting projects than they do for the Science Fair.
The Shopkeeper

Book and TV episode In search of a mask that will terrify Chuck and Steve, Carly Beth visits a small party store. Its owner is a man with shiny, black hair and a pencil-thin mustache. He is the creator of The Haunted Mask and the Unloved. The Shopkeeper implores Carly Beth not to take the mask, but eventually gives in, saying that she will regret it.
The Haunted Mask

Book and TV episode A terrifying green mask with jagged, animal-like fangs and glowing orange eyes. Once Carly Beth puts it on, she discovers it has become stuck to her face and is turning her more malicious with each minute that passes. Only a symbol of love can end the curse.
The Unloved Ones

Book and TV episode The Unloved are a series of grotesque masks created by the Shopkeeper. While they were initially beautiful faces grown in a lab, the experiment failed and the faces became horrific. The only way to remove one is through a symbol of love.

Book and TV episode While on her Halloween night rampage, Carly Beth scares several children going Trick-or-treating.
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