The following is a list of characters from The Haunted Car in the order they appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Mitchell Moinian

Book The protagonist and narrator. He is a car fanatic who wants his dad to get a new car. However, when he gets it he finds himself on a possible ride to his death.
Todd Moinian

Book Mitchell's seven year old brother. Ever since they moved, he's been convinced that their house is haunted.
Mr. and Mrs. Moinian

Book Mitchell's parents. Dad thinks he is a handyman, but he often screws up everything he tries to build.
Mr. Douglas

Book The man that the Moinian's buy their new from. He reminds Mitchell of an eagle due to his crooked beak of a nose. He gave away the car after one of his daughters died while taking it on a joy ride.
Marissa Meddin

Book A blond-haired girl that Mitchell meets. He starts suspecting her of being the ghost haunting the car, but she turns out to be her twin instead.
The Haunted Car (character)

Book A car possessed by the ghost of Becka, a girl who died from taking the car on a joyride. She wants to kill Mitchell so he can join her in the afterlife.
Allan and Steve

Book Mitchell's friends. They are big guys, with broad necks like football players. They make fun of Mitchell for his car obsession.

Book A man hired to fix the car. He discovers that the car has no engine.
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