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"The Goblin's Glare" is the eighth short story in Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Mike Mason loves to create fictional monsters. His latest creation is a papier-mâché goblin, which he places on the front door, hoping it will frighten trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. While in class one day, Mike has a nightmare about the goblin chasing him and his best friend, Karen. The dream quickly becomes a recurring one, and Mike begins to fear that his creation has come to life. When Halloween comes, he heads out with Karen. Mike feels as though something is watching him, so he rushes home. Hoping that he's in a dream, Mike shouts for his mother to wake him up. However, as he enters his home, he finds the goblin waiting for him. Mike races upstairs to his bedroom, but sees himself sleeping in bed.

As the goblin approaches the sleeping Mike, the boy shouts for his mother. The goblin laughs and reveals that Mike isn't dreaming; he's in the goblin's dream. As the goblin stands over Mike, he tells the boy that he's just about to eat his dinner.