The following is a list of characters from The Girl Who Cried Monster and its television adaptation in order of appearance.


Character Medium Description
Randy Dark

Book and TV episode The younger brother of protagonist, Lucy Dark. He's easy to scare and often falls victim to his sister's pranks.
Lucy Dark

Book and TV episode Lucy is a twelve-year-old girl obsessed with monsters. She loves to scare her friends and her brother, Randy, with stories about them. While visiting the library for a summer reading program, Lucy sees the librarian, Mr. Mortman, turn into a hideous monster. As she's told too many lies in the past, nobody believes her. However, Lucy is determined to reveal the truth.
Aaron Messer

Book and TV episode A close friend of Lucy, and the only one to stay behind in Timberland Falls for Summer Vacation. Aaron is annoyed at Lucy's constant monster stories, but becomes a reluctant aid in her quest to prove that Mr. Mortman is a real monster, spying on him alongside Lucy.
Mr. and Mrs. Dark

Book and TV episode Lucy's parents. They both want their daughter to grow out of her monster obsession. When Lucy tells them about Mr. Mortman, they don't believe her story.
Mr. Mortman

Book and TV episode The balding, slightly creepy librarian of Timberland Falls, Mr. Mortman is in charge of of the Reading Rangers program. When Lucy forgets her backpack in the library, she sees Mortman turn into a monster.
Ellen Borders

Book A girl Lucy knows from school, that she bumps into at the library. Lucy considers her a show off.
Samantha and her grandmother

Book A little girl who Lucy sees at the libary with her white haired grandmother, who she waits to leave so she can spy on Mortman. Samantha only likes pictures book but grandma wants her to learn how to spell.
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