The following is a list of characters from The Ghost Next Door and its television adaptation in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Hannah Fairchild

Book and TV episode Hannah is the main protagonist and Danny's neighbor. She investigates about Danny's strange behavior and concludes that he is a ghost. However, it is revealed that she is the true ghost.
Danny Anderson

Book and TV episode Danny is Hannah's new neighbor. He moves the day after she has a horrible dream. Danny is trapped in a burning house but is saved by Hannah.
Bill Fairchild and Herb Fairchild

Book and TV episode Bill and Herb are Hannah's younger brothers. They always listen to her ghost stories. They died when their house caught fire. Ultimately, they reunited with Hannah in the spirit world.
Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild

Book and TV episode Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild were Hannah's parents. They died when their house caught fire but in the end they reunited with Hannah in the spirit world.
Janey Pace

Book Janey is Hannah's best friend. She leaves the town for the holidays, but Hannah always write her letters. She is mentioned several times by Hannah throughout the book.
Molly Quilty

Book Mrs. Quilty is Hannah's older neighbor. Thanks to her, Hannah discovers that she actually is a ghost.

Book Ernie is the Greenwood Falls' barber. Hannah always visits him while touring the city.
Mr. Chesney

Book and TV episode Mr. Chesney is the city's postmaster. He is really grumpy. His house is burned by Alan and Fred, but he is very worried when discovers that Danny is in the house.
Alan Miller and Fred Drake

Book and TV episode Alan and Fred are Danny's new friends. They're a couple of unruly kids who stop always get in trouble. They are responsible for the fire at Mr. Chesney's house.
Shadow Danny

Book and TV episode A supernatural entity with the appearance of a shadow. He tries to make Danny die to take his place in his "Shadow World". He dies burning in the flames at Mr. Chesney's house.
Mrs. Anderson

Book and TV episode Mrs. Anderson is Danny's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Harder

Book Mr. and Mrs. Harder are the owners of an ice cream shop in Greenwood Falls.

Book Beth is Mrs. Quilty's friend. She accompanies her to Hannah's old house where she hears the story about how Hannah and her family died in a fire.
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