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"The Double-Dip Horror" is the eighth short story in More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Rachael and Wyona are identical twin sisters. The two of them have just arrived at the Ice Cream Cone Ski Lodge, where they will serve as junior skiing instructors for a group of little kids during their winter break. When Wyona checks into their hotel room, she and Rachael begin talking about their desire to do some real skiing here. As they only have one day to themselves to do it, the twins hatch a plan. Rather than go as separate instructors, they will interchange on certain days, both acting as Rachael, while the other is free to ski. As nobody has seen the two separately, the plan seems foolproof.

At first, things seem to be going well. The other instructors don't suspect a thing. However, a boy named Bobby Judd keeps making trouble for Rachael and Wyona. During a lesson, Bobby sticks out his ski in front of Wyona as she's midway down a mountain slope, causing her to crash. Both wanting to get revenge on Bobby, the two decide to give him a private lesson, where they'll again act as alternating twins, seemingly always getting ahead of him. Bobby is all too eager to accept the offer, but asks they do the lesson at Double-Dip, a slope meant for advanced skiers only. 

They arrive at Double-Dip, only to find Bobby nowhere in sight. Leaving her sister behind, Wyona goes to ask another instructor, Margo, about the whereabouts of Bobby, only for her to reveal they don't have a student by that name. When Wyona reveals his full name, Margo is taken aback. She says that Bobby used to ski there many years ago alongside his twin brother, Ricky, with whom he loved racing. However, during one last race, Bobby crashed into a tree and died. Now, his ghost challenges others to a race down Double-Dip, where many don't survive.

Horrified that Rachael is still on the slope, Margo reassures her. She tells Wyona that there's nothing to worry about, Bobby only goes after identical twins.