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The Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek is the fourth book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1996.

The holographic prism design consists of orange colored dots that are filled in and not filled in. The cover illustration consists of a Vamporilla (drawn to look like a chimpanzee) in a lab coat on top of a lab table, mixing green slime in beakers, petri dishes, test tubes, and bunsen burners.



Top secret and dangerous. That's what your mom, a famous scientist calls the research she's been doing at the labs of Dr. Eeek. You're dying to know what it's all about. Then one day you get lost in the labs. Before you know it, you've become a human guinea pig in Dr. Eeek's deadly experiments!

If you choose one lab, you'll meet a dog wearing sneakers. He's half dog, half kid. And now he's after you! If you choose another lab, you get lost in a maze--a maze that just happens to be the home of an enormous rat!

The choice is yours in this GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super spooky endings!


You and your friend, Sam, are waiting for your mother in the labs of esteemed scientist Dr. Eeek, which is high in a skyscraper. The secretary leaves and you decide to search for your mother. You encounter Dr. Eeek, who is willing to pay you to help out in some experiments. But these experiments aren't exactly safe... Some of the experiments include being attacked by a blob that grows, getting lost in a maze which is inhabited by a massive rat, meeting a half-human half-dog hybrid, and getting lost in a virtual reality universe.

List of endings

There are seventeen bad endings, four ambiguous endings, and five good endings.

Bad endings

Ending Paths

The laboratory has been taken over by chimpanzees, who are studying humans now.

  • 6-101-67

Six dogs keep you cornered.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-18-110

Sam turns into a dog after eating so much dog food. Presumably, he attacks you.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-68-94

Thinking that the other German Shepherds won't attack you if you play dead, you and Sam do exactly that. However, you still have a human scent despite your transformations, so the German Shepherds maul the two of you - the book then remarks that you're not pretending to be dead anymore.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-68-107-89

You remain a dog trapped forever in the Canine Maze, but you seek to get back at Dr. Eeek.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-68-107-126-123-61

Getting cornered in a maze by a giant rat. It's implied that you and Sam are eaten.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-91

Getting tickled to death by chimpanzees after answering a Goosebumps question wrong.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-116

The sheet that's draped over the operating table doesn't fully cover you, so Dr. Eeek finds you. He hooks you up to some machines after making you drink a potion, turning you into a part-kid, part-dog, and part-basketball hybrid.

  • 11-20-17-99-22-74

You try to worm your way out of things but fail. It's implied that Dr. Eeek gets you because you are unable to prove any of the following:

  • You'll break out in hives if you read "THE END" in the next 5 minutes.
  • You know the difference between creepy, spooky, and scary and know how to spell all of them correctly.
  • You and your friends have read every single Goosebumps books in existence without getting nightmares.
  • 11-20-17-99-22-129-34-104

You are forced to clean a giant-sized restroom.

  • 11-20-25

Entering a virtual world, you're confronted by a komodo dragon. Thinking he will leave you alone if you stand still, you're mistaken. The komodo dragon takes a bite out of your side, and the bacteria in his saliva kill you, allowing him to eat at his leisure.

  • 11-63-9-35-75

You become a clone of Dr. Eeek. No one recognizes you anymore, not even the police - and it's implied that they arrest you. You can only reach this ending if you're a right-handed person.

  • 11-63-9-35-86-105-16

Vanessa, one of the scientists, sprays Sleeping Spray into your face, then she sprays Sam with it. Both of you drift off to slumber.

  • 11-63-9-113-95

Entering the wrong room, you meet up with a "Vamporilla" - a cross between a gorilla and a vampire bat - which is so cross that it tears you apart.

  • 11-63-9-113-102

Dr. Eeek reveals that he always wears a mask underneath the first. You are consumed by the green goo.

  • 11-63-37-73

After eating strawberry jam, you break out in hives since you're allergic to strawberries. The electric company shuts off the power since Dr. Eeek hasn't paid up. The allergic reaction cuts off your breathing, causing you to asphyxiate.

  • 11-63-37-128

You get covered in green goo. When you meet up with your mother, she thinks you and Sam are aliens. Who knows what the United States military would think of this? Time to say "Wrxt Rinp" - "The End" in Martian.

  • 11-63-77

Ambiguous endings

Ending Paths

Your mother finds you and you go straight to bed and the book chastises you for having no sense of adventure.

  • 6-42

You see the chimpanzee get picked up by Tarzan. No one you know will believe this.

  • 6-101-108

You take a red pill and transform back, but Sam remains a dog.

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-68-107-126-52-106

It turns out you were just having a bad dream. Of course, your mother thinks about taking you to her new laboratory after school.

  • 11-20-17-99-40

Good endings

Ending Paths

You meet your real mother, who allows you and Sam to play with a hologram machine. You and Sam make copies of yourselves and leave them in the lab. It's implied that your copies end up in trouble. The way this ending is worded sounds like it is trying to explain how the book has several different endings - i.e., all other endings are for your clones, and not for you.

  • 11-20-17-81-78

You escape the Canine Maze, but you are still stuck as a German Shepherd. You find your mom below the Maze, and you eventually return home as the new family pet. You become a world-famous show dog capable of doing amazing tricks. If you want to get this ending, you must be at least 4 feet and 3 inches tall (130 centimeters).

  • 11-20-17-81-125-49-130-62-68-107-126-123-92-118

You escape the Canine Maze and meet up with your mother. After all the horrifying experience you've had, all you want to do is go home! You must obtain the silver whistle from Joseph, The half-boy, half-dog.

  • 11-20-17-99-22-129-112-49-18-127

Your mother arrives just in time and summons the police, who arrest Dr. Eeek. Sam tells you that you owe him $50.

  • 11-63-9-35-86-84-114

Your mother summons the police, who arrest Dr. Eeek. When Sam hears that the police found a giant toad that can sing, he decides to go searching for it. However, this ending isn't fair because you can only reach it if you're left-handed, and the average person is right-handed.

  • 11-63-9-35-86-105-88

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  • The "Vamporilla" on the cover has little to do with the actual story.
  • On page 76, there is a Goosebumps trivia question on My Hairiest Adventure. There are 2 ways to reach this page.
  • The ending where you turn into Dr. Eeek would not be so easily lost if this wasn't a gamebook. The main character would have known things about about their life that Dr. Eeek would not, and be able to tell Sam about them.
  • This book is tied with All-Day Nightmare as the book that has the most good/ambiguous endings, and this book has the smallest number of pages.
  • The title of this book is structured similarly to that of another Give Yourself Goosebumps book, The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock.
  • The singing frog mentioned in one of the endings may be a reference to Michigan J. Frog, a singing dancing frog seen in a Looney Tunes short and in a few Warner Brothers shows since.
  • Despite the blurb strongly implying that the half-dog half-kid (named Joseph in the actual story) is an enemy the reader must escape from, he is a good character in the book, and even necessary to meet in order to achieve one of the good choices.
  • Early on, this book references Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, another story about a mad scientist.
  • Dominick's pizza is a possible parody of Domino's Pizza.

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