The following is a list of characters from The Curse of Camp Cold Lake in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Sarah Maas

Book The twelve-year-old main protagonist and narrator. She is tall and very awkward. Upon arriving to Camp Cold Lake, she is unable to make friends with any of the girls at camp. When she pretends to have drowned, she ends up meeting Della, who tries to make Sarah her buddy for eternity.
Aaron Maas

Book Aaron is eleven-years-old and is the younger brother of Sarah. He is rather good-natured and tries to help his older sister, despite her wanting to be left alone.
Mr. and Mrs. Maas

Book The parents of Sarah and Aaron. Mr. Mass often calls Sarah "Grasshopper" even though she hates that nickname.

Book Richard is a head counselor of Camp Cold Lake. He has sandy hair and wears a green t-shirt with the camp insignia on it. He's known to be a joker, often making quips that some of the kids laugh out.

Book Briana is an African-American girl with cornrows. She came to Camp Cold Lake the previous year, but was targeted by Della to be her buddy and died at the camp. She came back to the camp to ensure Della would not do the same to another girl. After warding off Della, she tries to make Sarah her new buddy.

Book Meg is short and chubby. She also wears blue and red braces. She's insecure about how short she is.

Book Jan is a tall, skinny blond girl who has asthma. She leaves Sarah stuck in the middle of the lake as revenge for Sarah putting spiders in their bunks.

Book Liz is the head waterfront counselor of Camp Cold Lake. She has frizzy red hear and wears a tight clue crop top and denim shorts, which gets wolf whistles from the boys. She's also rather serious, especially about following the rules of camp.

Book The antagonist. She is a twelve-year-old ghost girl with curly blonde hair, pale skin. She wears a white shirt with white shorts.
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