The following is a list of characters from The Cuckoo Clock of Doom and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Tara Webster

Book and TV episode Micheal's younger sister who spends her time making him as miserable as possibly. In the end, Micheal accidentally deletes her from history.
Michael Webster

Book and TV episode The book's twelve-year-old protagonist and narrator. He is constantly embarrassed by Tara. When his father gets an old cuckoo clock, he hopes to get Tara to be blamed for touching it. But it sends him back in time, with him having to find the clock before time runs out.
Herman Webster and Mrs. Webster

Book and TV episode Micheal and Tara's parent. They see Tara as adorable and don't see the things she does to Micheal, thinking she can do no wrong.

Book and TV episode The owner of Anthony's Antiques. He refuses to sell Mr. Webster the cuckoo clock until he discovered a tiny flaw with it.
David, Josh, Micheal B, Lars, and Henry

Book and TV episode (Josh and Henry only) Micheal's friends. They act more foolish than him, especially as 3rd graders.
Cece and Rosie

Book Mona's best friends. In the timeline without Tara, Cece tells Mona that Micheal tells her.

Book and TV Episode A girl Micheal has a crush on. Micheal finds her more annoying as a 4 year old. In the Tara-less timeline, it's revealed that she likes him.

Book The family cat that Tara constantly tortures.
Kevin Flowers

Book A tough classmate who beats up Micheal when he thinks he has taken his Devil's cap.
Mrs. Jacobson

Book Micheal's homeroom teacher. He walks into her class as a 3rd grader, not knowing he has reverted to this point
Mrs. Harris

Book Micheal's 3rd grade teacher.
Mrs. Sarton

Book Micheal's nursery school teacher. She forces him to hang out with Mona when he refuses to play with the other kids.
Scary Man

TV Episode A man in a black suit that asks Micheal if he has the time.
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