The Camera is a device seen in Say Cheese and Die!. It was built by an unknown inventor. It also appeared in Say Cheese and Die — Again! and Say Cheese — and Die Screaming!. It is known for its exclusively negative function, in which it alters the future to a bad occurrence, incorporating elements its flash exposes into this new event. On occasions, it creates an event which kills one or more humans (so far it has only been humans) and absorbs their souls.


The camera did not always cause fear, harm and fatalities. After its structure was completed, its inventor (who is never named, nor confirmed to be alive) added finishing touches that he felt necessary to the camera (these aren't specified). Potentially, the inventor intended it to be the new fill for the role of best photograph technology, for as long a period of time as possible. Before he could unveil his invention, his lab partner, Dr. Fritz Fredericks (a.k.a. Spidey), stole the camera to take credit for the invention, with an aspiration to enjoy the fame and riches that he believed would come his way. The inventor ruined Dr. Fredericks' plan by somehow cursing the camera for all eternity.


The camera has the power to steal souls and is completely indestructible. When a picture is taken, the image that develops does not show what is in the present, but what will happen to the person/object in the image in the future. For example, when Greg takes a picture of his family's new car, the image develops as the car completely wrecked (indicating that a car accident will occur).

Use of captured souls

It remains to be determined as to what becomes of the souls the camera captures. Of particular interest is whether or not souls increase its power.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Camera cannot move on its own and cannot force anyone to find it and use it. As long as it is well hidden, its powers are useless. If a picture is taken of itself, it will create another camera. If the photo taken by the camera is destroyed or changed into a negative, the effects of the camera will be prevented. Should one prevent the events of a photo from happening, the events of the photo and other photos taken by the camera will be nulified.