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"The Blob That Ate Everyone" is the twenty-third episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series, and the forty-second episode overall. It premiered on July 19, 1997 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.



12-year-old Zack Beauchamp's dream is to be a famous horror writer - even though he hasn't quite gotten over his fear of the dark. He's just written his scariest story ever about a giant pink, oozing, wet blob that terrorizes the neighborhood, swallowing up everything in sight. But when Zack starts typing his spooky story on the old typewriter he found, every hair-raising word begins to come true!

Differences from the book

  • The twist ending of the whole story being a story written by a blob monster is removed.
  • Zackie Beauchamp is called Zack instead.
  • Zack was the only one who saw Adam get eaten by The Blob.
  • Adam Levin was the only one eaten in the episode, while in the book it also ate two cops.
  • Adam was eaten in a video store, not on the street.
  • Adam's two female friends, Annie and Emmy are not present in the episode. Instead, Adam's two other friends are two unnamed males one African American and one white.
  • The Blob Monster in the episode was different looking from the book, where the Blob was a giant pink figure with small eyes, whereas here the Blob is yellow with purple veins and no eyes.
  • Alex Iarocci was not present when Adam got eaten by The Blob Monster.
  • Adam is there to mock Zackie and Alex when they think the sound of a gardening glove is the blob monster.

Home media

"The Blob That Ate Everyone" was released on DVD on September 7, 2010, as the first episode on The Blob That Ate Everyone. It was included in a 3-Pack Thriller DVD on August 26, 2014.

Title Release date Media type

The Blob That Ate Everyone

September 7, 2010 DVD

3-Pack Thriller


August 26, 2014 DVD


  • When Zackie is coming up with a tagline for his story, he considers using a quote: "Reader Beware, You're in for a scare!" but rejects it.
  • A poster promoting The X-Files is visible in the background during the scene at the video store with the blob monster.
  • This episode was made during the season three production run but aired during season two.
  • This episode was supposed to be the final book in the Goosebumps Presents series. However, it was never released.
  • When Adam picked up the movie "Revenge of the Gator People", a picture of the 1988 film The Brain can be seen on the back of the box.