The following is a list of characters from The Blob That Ate Everyone and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Alex Iarocci

Book and TV episode Alex is the best female friend of protagonist, Zackie. She is twelve-years-old and has blonde hair that she wears in a ponytail. Alex greatly enjoys Zackie's horror stories and is often featured in them as a side character.
Zackie Beauchamp

Book and TV episode Zackie is the book's protagonist and narrator. He is an aspiring horror writer. When Zackie finds an old typewriter in a burned down antique store, he hopes he can use it to write an amazing horror story. However, as Zackie writes the tale, he finds everything he puts on paper is coming true, including one about a blob monster.
Adam Levin

Book and TV episode Adam is Zackie's best male friend. He often teases Zackie and insults his stories, not thinking they're scary.
Mr. and Mrs. Levin

Book Adam's parents. Mrs. Levin is described as being a great cook.
Mrs. Carter

Book and TV episode Mrs. Carter is the owner of an antique store that burns down. She is African-American. When Zackie finds a still intact typewriter in her store, Mrs. Carter allows him to take it for free.
Mr. and Mrs. Beauchamp

Mr. Beauchamp (Book and TV episode)
Mrs. Beauchamp (Book)
Zackie's parents. They don't understand his need for a typewriter.
Emmy and Annie Bell

Book Emmy and Annie are friends of Adam. They are twins. The two join in on a prank Adam pulls on Zackie.
Mr. Conklin

Book Zackie's principal. He summons Zackie to his office after Adam's prank.
Mrs. Jack

Book Mrs. Jack is the owner of a meat market in Zackie's neighborhood. She is nice to everyone except children.
The Blob Monster

Book and TV episode The Blob Monster is a creation of Zackie's. It is a ravenous, pink, slimy creature resembling a large heart. When Zackie writes a story about the monster on the typewriter, it comes to life in the real world. Zackie destroys his creation by writing another story.
Police Officers

Book Two police officers that are eaten by the Blob Monster during its rampage.
Blob Monsters

Book The ending of the book reveals the story was actually made-up one by a pink blob monster. He asks his friend, a green blob monster, if he enjoyed it, and his friend replies it needs a happier ending. In response, the pink blob monster changes the ending so Zackie and his friends get eaten by the Blob Monster.
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