The following is a list of characters from The Beast from the East in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Ginger Wald

Ginger is the book's protagonist and narrator. During a summer camping trip with her family, she and her brothers, Nat and Pat, get lost in the woods. While trying to get out, the three siblings encounter a race of creatures known as Beasts, who challenge them to a dangerous game of tag. And in this game, the loser gets eaten.
Mr. and Mrs. Wald

The parents of Ginger, Nat, and Pat. They take their children on a camping trip. Ginger's father resembles a bear, and has a booming loud voice.
Nat and Pat Wald

Ginger's identical twin brothers. They both have round faces, big brown eyes, and brown hair that is parted in the middle. They often tend to cause trouble, and rarely listen to their father's commands.

Fleg is one of the Beasts Ginger and her brothers encounter. He, like the other beasts, resembles a large koala bear, with a long-snout, a primate-like body, and a beaver-like tail. Fleg tags Ginger and names her "The Beast from the East", challenging the Wald siblings to their deadly version of tag.

Spork is another Beast. He has an eye missing, and a deep black scar on the side of his nose.

Gleeb is another Beast. He accuses Ginger of already knowing the game's rules, as she seems to keep gaining points.

A creature with the body of a German shepherd and the face of a squirrel. He allows Ginger and Pat to hide from the Beasts in a cave. Unfortunately, the cave is crawling with bugs.
Level Three Beast

After tricking the Beasts into thinking they are more advanced players, Ginger, Nat and Pat think they can finally escape the woods. However, they are cut short by another Beast, who tells them he's a Level Three player, like them. He tags Ginger, challenging the Wald siblings to another game.
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