The following is a list of characters from The Barking Ghost and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Cooper Holmes

Book and TV episode The twelve-year-old protagonist, who is easily frightened. When his family moves into a new house in the woods of Maine, he begins hearing eerie barking late at night and the apparitions of two ghostly black dogs begin following him. However, nobody believes Cooper's story.
Mr. and Mrs. Holmes

Book and TV episode When Cooper's mom gets a new job, his family is forced to move from Boston to Maine. When Cooper tells his parents of the ghostly dogs he's been seeing, they dismiss it as his overactive imagination.
Gary and Todd

Book Cooper's best friends back in Boston. Despite their constant teasing about his cowardice, Cooper misses them.
Mickey Holmes

Book and TV episode Cooper's older brother, who loves to pull cruel pranks on him. Cooper originally believes he's the one behind the barking.
Margaret "Fergie" Ferguson

Book and TV episode A red-haired girl Cooper meets in the woods. He enlists her help to get payback on Mickey. When Cooper mentions the dogs he's been seeing, Fergie grows frightened.
The Ghost Dogs

Book and TV episode A pair of canine spirits that haunt Cooper and Fergie. When the two chase down the dogs, the ghosts reveal themselves to actually be humans that were cursed to haunt the woods. Desperate to return to their normal selves, the dogs temporarily swap bodies with Cooper and Fergie in the Changing Room.
Grimm and Scratch

TV episode The TV episode alters the origin of the ghost dogs. Instead of regular humans, the two were once a pair of thieves. On the run from the law, the duo comes across an object known as the Changing Tree. At that exact moment, two dogs attack them, transforming them into the ghost dogs.
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