The following is a list of characters from The 12 Screams of Christmas in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Abe Marcus

Book Abe is a shy and quiet kid, who lived back in the 19th century. He has dark, wavy hair, and he’s two minutes older than his twin brother, Ned. Abe narrates the book’s prologue.
Flora Marcus

Book Abe’s little sister. She also has dark, wavy hair, but she wears a bright red cap wherever she goes. She is described by Abe as being bratty and spoiled. She died at the age of eight, when she fell into a well in the backyard.
Ned Marcus

Book Abe’s identical twin brother. Ned loves to pull pranks on people and make them angry or upset. He once poured molasses in all the inkwells on his classroom, causing the class to be unable to write anything.
Aaron and Peg Marcus

Book Abe’s parents. Mr. Marcus is a stonecutter, and his wife is a seamstress.
Mr. Powell

Book The new neighbor of the Marcus family.
Kate Welles

Book She is the narrator and main protagonist during the rest of the book. Kate is twelve years old, and she has the ability to see ghosts of dead people, and even dead animals. Whenever she sees one, she starts screaming, which caused some kids to start bullying her, calling her Ghost Girl. Kate is short and a little chubby, and has long, dark hair.
Jack Hopper

Book Kate’s best friend. He is a nice kid, and he often helps Kate rehearse. Jack has copper-colored hair and bright blue eyes.
Carol Ann

Book Another good friend of the protagonist. Along with Kate and Courtney, Carol wants the lead role in “The 12 Screams of Christmas”, the school’s Christmas horror play. Although she is first described by the protagonist as having curly, coppery hair, Kate later mentions her having silky, blonde hair.
Courtney Smith

Book A girl from Kate’s class, who is always mocking and laughing at Kate because of her seeing spirits. According to Kate, Courtney is the definition of the term “frenemy”.
Mrs. Wentz

Book She’s the Principal of Kate’s school. Mrs. Wentz has short blond-highlighted hair and always wears orange lipstick, which, according to Kate’s description of the Principal, doesn’t suit her at all. Kate says that her laugh sounds like she’s puking.
Graveyard ghosts

Book They are ghosts Kate sees while she’s walking through the old cemetery.
Mrs. and Mr. Welles

Book Kate’s parents. Mrs. Welles was a fashion model in New York, but now she is a nutritionist. She is described as being tall, thin, and really pretty, with her short blonde hair, big blue eyes, high cheekbones and perfect, smooth skin. Kate feels ashamed that she looks like her father instead of her mother. Mr. Welles never really appears on the book, being only mentioned by Kate.
Mr. Piccolo

Book Kate’s Drama teacher. Most kids simply call him Mr. P. He is short and very chubby. He has a high voice and a nervous way of talking really fast. Mr. P is mostly bald, and wears square eyeglasses. Everyone likes him since he is really kind and patient.

Book Courtney’s older sister. She is only mentioned.

Book He is a character from the Christmas play. According to the story, he was a frail kid in very bad health. However, he wanted really bad to be in the school play. He managed to win the starring role in the play, but the doctors said he shouldn’t be in it, as he was too sick. Cliff participated anyway, and his performance was amazing. In the end, everyone wanted to congratulate him, but no one found him. The teacher calls his mother, who apologized for his son not being able to be in the play, as he had died the night before.

Book Paco is a seventh grader who is on the tech squad for the play. Mr. Piccolo says he is in charge of sound of lighting.

Book A boy from school. He takes the “Brother” role on the play.

Book Another boy from Kate’s school. There’s no info about him in the book.

Book A friend of Courtney. He is tall and lanky, with brown skin, big, brown eyes, and a friendly smile. He is, according to Kate, the best singer in the play, but he’s really shy.
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