Tasha McClain is an antagonist in the fiftieth Goosebumps book, Calling All Creeps!, and its television adaptation. She is the head of the school newspaper and one of Ricky Beamer's many bullies.


Tasha is the bossy editor in chief of the Harding Herald, the school newspaper of Harding Middle School. She treats the sixth graders like slaves and is extremely mean to Ricky Beamer, calling him names and treating him poorly.

She gives Ricky assignments. But once Ricky completed them, she didn't allow them into the paper.

A few days before the school newspaper got published, Ricky was about to get a Pepsi can from the refreshments desk, when two of his enemies, David and Wart, come along and both of them start snatching it from each other; the can slips from David's grasp and falls on Tasha's keyboard. When Ricky tries to clean the board, he ends up erasing what was on the screen. Shortly after sitting in a puddle of Pepsi from her chair, Tasha, enraged, kicks Ricky off the school paper.

The next morning, Ricky gets a call from Tasha who is reluctantly giving Ricky another chance. She says there is an emergency and she needs Ricky. She gives Ricky her father's expensive camera and says if anything happens to it, Ricky is off the paper. Ricky has to take pictures of the children who are washing cars for the "car washing campaign". Sadly, another encounter with Ricky's enemies leads to the camera becoming soaked and when he tries to run away, he slips and breaks the camera. Once that happens, Tasha kicks off the paper.

One night, Tasha was working at the school late for the school newspaper with Ms. Richards. That same night, Ricky attempted to get revenge on Tasha by typing a message on the paper saying "Calling all Creeps. Calling all Creeps. If you're a real Creep, call Tasha at 555-6709 after midnight." This backfired however because Tasha was smart enough to know it was Ricky's doings. So she edited and change the name and phone number to Ricky's.

Tasha does not appear until the bake sale where she is among all the children who mock Ricky when he tries to warn them about the cookies. Now fed up with the bullying and harassment, Ricky lets them eat the cookies that turn them all into Creeps — even Tasha.

General information


Tasha is very mean and cruel to Ricky. She treats him more poorly than any of the other sixth graders.

Physical appearance

In the book, Tasha was noted to have long curly red hair. However, in the episode Tasha has long curly black hair which has a different color headband in it.

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