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Possible differences between the physical copy and ebook?

I recently read the ebook copy, and I'm convinced I'm not getting the endings like promised in the initial summary.

One of the endings had you getting attacked by "undead Spanish conquistadors", but I could not find it in my reads. Could it have been in the original paperback?

Then there's potential alterations like both how you and Gina were swallowed by the unknown sea monster. How it actually goes could be that you were about to go get help for Gina, only to end with just you being swallowed. Or how kicking Gina or Kala's father was two completely different endings. And saving the missing islanders and finding the crystal on you -- were they their own endings, too? (Presumably, you were alone in the latter case.)

This nugget of info on TVTropes did not help:

In The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island, one part of the book has you and Ginny 
running away from mutated sea creatures, but the way out is blocked by an electronic door. 
You can either operate the numerical door panel, or pick up an eel to short out the panel. 
If you choose the former, you suddenly realize that there's no way 
you can figure out the code in the minute before the creatures catch up with you.

Are they talking about a whole other book entirely? There were no "mutated sea creatures" or an electronic door in this book. I don't even think it matches the description of any decisive situation in the GYG series. Not to mention, which version names the cousin, Ginny? What other name changes are there in the international releases, if there're any?

Please let me know as soon as you can. This article may need polishing up and finishing touches yet.

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